Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wild Woman, Googled

At dVerse, the inimitable Sam Peralta has introduced us to Googlism poetry - whereby you go to , type in a short phrase, and create a poem by selecting from among the phrases that pop up, and embellishing them as needed.

I first typed in "Wild Woman knows" and Google sorrowfully informed me "Sorry, Google does not know what Wild Woman knows". (My secrets are safe!)

Then I typed in "Wild Woman", with better results. This was a total hoot. Thanks, Sam. Check out the links at dVerse, as there are bound to be some great responses. Do not miss Brian's, which is hilarious!
The Google lines are in italics

Wild Woman lives life to the full, 
Wild Woman is so hard to tame.
She is the untamed  within us all,
and she refuses to be blamed.

Wild Woman
 thunders in the face of injustice,
Wild Woman is of her own mold.
Wild Woman is proud to be a vision holder.
Wild Woman's truth cannot be bought or sold.

Many have tried to tame her, 
and just as many failed.
She goes her own way, happily,
and refuses to be jailed.

Wild Woman knows what she knows,
and it doesnt get any easier as she grows.

Wild Woman is fundamental in our 
connection to the divine.
Wild Woman is the source of the feminine.
Wild Woman, thankfully, has retained her spine,
(if not the sum totality of her mind!)

Wild Woman is an endangered specie.
Wild Woman is the essence of my soul.
Come together, help us save her wildness,
which we must preserve 
to keep the Feminine whole.

Alas, Wild Woman is also very tired,
prone to dizzyness, while bonded to her couch,
betimes found mumbling incantations in a corner,
fending off the housepets while in a feral crouch

Wild Woman knows what she knows,
and it doesnt get any easier, as she grows.

Wild Woman is going into the woods.
Perhaps a vision quest will hone her skills.
She'll speak with oracles and owls,
come home replenished,
take up her calling
as wildish women always will.

Wild Woman knows what she knows.
And she needs a dose of wildness
by day's close.


  1. woohoo wild woman....dont ever be tamed....ha, that your secrets are safe as well...smiles....and i would take spine over mind any day...haha....that one made me smile.....

  2. let me know when you are going to the woods. I have a few questions for that owl...

  3. Love this, wild woman. I would love to do a vision quest but can't because of my kidney transplant. Maybe they could give me an IV. In Reno we have a group of women artists who are known as the Wild Women. They have an annual many art forms, so much talent.

  4. Precious wild woman never let yourself be this!!

  5. Well now, Sherry, what a combination! Between you and the list you have created quite a story. I just hope that the bit about being dizzy and tired [NOT in italics, so I worry] isn't actually true.

  6. I have no doubt that "Wildwoman knows what she knows." Wildwoman has a lot of knowledge about many things!!

  7. "Wild Woman is proud to be a vision holder" - I am sure she is! Nice take on the prompt Sherry!

  8. Wild Woman, I love the seed word ~ She is the untamed within us all - my favorite line ~

  9. I love that your secrets are safe ;D
    This was so fun! YOURS is great~

  10. Wild Women have been present in all phases of my life; outspoken, intelligent, in touch with spirit, nature, & her own heart; a passionate lover, a fearless friend, spouses, girlfriends, mates & muses; long may they live, and retain their wildness.

  11. Very nice! I love your take on this! :-)

  12. wild woman needs to remain untamed running
    free to simply be...this was great Sherry so
    enjoyed it ..

  13. This really was perfect for you! Hey- over at the Garden I introduced the poet Wendell Berry on Tuesday, Nov 5th. If you have never head of him (which I find hard to believe) you MUST read him and watch the recent interview I linked. He is an amazing man. You will love him.

  14. ah there's a certain wildness at heart of such women that cannot be taken away - not by tiredness or age or anything...stay wild..smiles

  15. I am totally with you in spirit. This poem roars, and I love it.

  16. This is amazing and full of enthusiasm

  17. All of those Ws make for a very rich reading out loud experience! Reminds me of Viking sagas. Thanks for posting.

  18. Indeed! we should all listen to that primitive song within often holds the answer..

  19. You're a pretty wild chick Sherry..LOL

  20. I am so proud to be considered as 'tu amigo'.
    you do bring out the wildness in us all and that is truly a wonderful gift

    have a wonderful 'wild' day, mi amiga


  21. 'Wild Woman's truth cannot be bought or sold.'...true spirit of the wild woman...only that bit of 'tired' and ' prone to dizziness' did not sound well .......hope all is well with you......

  22. Wild woman.. love the seed... you created livid poetry here.. very good.

  23. Love this, Sherry... love Wild Woman (what a great persona!)

  24. What the fun playing with wild woman and what she knows! Great, Sherry!

  25. How'd I miss this one? "Wild Women" sure yielded riches via Google. I like is all so much, but especially the little turn at divine/spine/mind.

  26. Wild woman's secrets are safe - which is a rare thing these days... :)
    I really enjoyed this, like being part of, or listening to, a conversation.

  27. How gorgeous -- the fact that you tried wild woman in the first place is part of the gorgeousness.

  28. This is fantastic! Everything that a list poem based on Googlism is supposed to be! The untamed heart beats throughout the piece, and I even love how you've inserted, here and there, the clear poet's voice as if it were a poetic aside to the search engine's progressions. I really enjoyed this!


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