Friday, November 15, 2013


Kids, here is some incredible footage to bring your heart pure joy, this blustery gray November morning, with the first chill of snow off the mountains in the air. Some young folks at set up cameras near Bella Bella, in the Great Bear Rainforest, and captured  wonderful glimpses of wolves at work and play. This last wilderness area is at risk, not just from extensive logging, already decimating the ancient forest, but from the proposed oil pipeline. These wolves may be enjoying the last months of such free and joyous living, before Mankind moves in, as he does so destructively everywhere he goes.

The camera is down now, but you can visit their site and click on the links, to investigate further. I certainly will be. I saw them on the news last night, on CBC. It was the first I heard of them. I only wish I had been following along the entire time. Maybe next spring! Below, there is a short clip of the wolves fishing. 

Of course, I see my wolf-Pup in there - he was of the forest clan, and lived off the sea as a wee pup before he came to me. He always loved the water, and wild salmon was, hands down, his favorite food. The last meal of his life was salmon, for which I was grateful, after.

I see Pup's body language in these young pups, the hunched back and the loping. Such beautiful intelligent creatures.


  1. The third video gave me some of that spirit you talk about. In the first two, I was just surprised at how unafraid the birds were, especially the crows.

  2. I loved these! Ravens well corvids are natural friend to wolves. They have a lifetime history together. When a raven finds a dead caribou carcass it will lead it's wolf friends to the carcass.

  3. Thanks Sherry, this is great and love all the pics of wolves. You might want to check out a video I put up on my FB page of an elk trying to butt heads with a photographer... at the end one magnificent shot of that gorgeous creature.



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