Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"Walks Far Woman" *

it feels like
I've spent
all of my life
walking towards

for Kerry's prompt at Toads: to write in black and white.

* reference to the Blackfoot woman of that name,  who lived during the last decade of Indian dominion in North America. Her life has been portrayed in book and film as representative of that time in history. An amazing story.


  1. Ha, I am sure the distance would be VERY long for a little one who is just learning to walk. Smiles.

  2. Oh, I love how you bring in the Native American name reference, Sherry.

    I'm going to look her up, thank you.

    Also, your image is perfect and causes my heart to sting a little because paired with your words the idea that one has spent her whole life walking toward (or looking up to), the maternal figure in her life...well, that's just amazing.

    ♥ Beautiful.

  3. Sigh.
    I love this, Sherry, in so many ways.

  4. Towards your Mom, towards the spirit of Walks Far Woman. Lovely.

  5. Sherry,

    Somehow I think that black and white images can convey emotion in a more impacting manner..As for mothers, do we ever some walking those miles!!! Even when asleep, I do not think we are ever at real rest:)
    Happy Nearly Thursday Sherry. Le weekend is not too far away!!!

  6. smiles...tight little verse there sherry...and hey as long as you are still walking, you are fine...smiles...

  7. Love the photo and your poem says so much. Great take on this prompt!

  8. I love how tender your poem is yet it reminds us of how far our journey is....

  9. :) simple beautiful words for a wonderful feeling of love.

  10. Some poems are buttons for the life--certainly you couldn't have been more precise. And aren't we all repeating those first mostions, for better or worse-- and especially in verse! There's an old family picture of my mother holding me on Jacksonville Beach, FL -- it seems like every poem I've written is an emulation of hearing her voice blent with the surf. Fine stuff, Sherry - Brendan

  11. This is the snapshot of a lifetime. Your brief snap comes with a full weight of emotion.

  12. So much said in a few lines! The poem by itself has a universal feeling & strong emotion. The prose afterwards gives it an historical perspective. Well done, Sherry :)

  13. Your poem touched me on so many levels .. seven decades of them .. going on eight.

  14. The few words say so much. Amazing. :-)


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