Friday, November 8, 2013

Googling Sherry

Another attempt at for Sam's prompt at dVerse. This time I typed in my name. I took away what seemed irrelevant and added in only what appears in brackets. A hoot.

sherry is not always sweet
sherry is an expert in use of the barrel 
         to teach a dog whoa and to encourage style
sherry is flexible as hell
sherry is back in town
sherry is made from the sun
sherry is ready to drink

sherry is to taken slowly
sherry is a trailblazing entrepreneur
(dont believe everything you read!)

sherry is a mysterious sweet beverage sipped 
             only by stuffy ascot (??)
sherry is experienced at drafting 
              premarital agreements
(at least I would be NEXT time!)

sherry is mysteriously lifted away
sherry is so fino do not dismiss all sherries 
              as sweet nothings
sherry is unable to stand for long periods of time 
              meaning that she needs
to find a job where she can work sitting down

sherry is full bodied
sherry is no shy wallflower
sherry is also a realist
sherry is now being more respectful 
              to her parents (who are dead)

sherry is not new to the entertainment industry
sherry is a certified professional demonstrator
sherry is dedicated to educating women about 
             managing and investing their money 
             (since she has none)


  1. Very funny! I love how you got in a dog-training segment. You sure you're not too sweet? (Actually, I admire a good sherry.)

  2. Sherry is a barrel of laughs :)
    Hilarious post!

  3. love the entertaining lines... :D

  4. ha you are def not a sweet are you using a barrel? and can you demonstrate that? for sure...see its addicting...smiles.

  5. So funny. Enjoyed by men in ascots??? hmmm.

  6. Super sweet-- and fino too. Hope all well. This is Karin if Manicddaily. K.


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