Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What I Know for Sure

(Lisa's Yorkie, Penny, on Hallowe'en
Our dogs are so long-suffering!)

Mary has set us the most fantastic prompt, over at Poetry Jam: to write about What I Know For Sure, the idea based upon the book  by Dorothy Allison, Two or Three Things I Know For Sure

The author's quote that spoke to me is: Two or three things I know for sure, and one of them is that I would rather go naked than wear the coat the world has made for me.  

The world has done a good job of insisting I be Major Caretaker of the Universe. It has been difficult to try to find a few years that are mine alone. I grasped ten glorious years at the beach in the 90's, when I followed my heart to the wild west coast.  I am presently hoping to return, this winter if possible, so I can have a few more years of Living My Dream, while I still can. It does scare me, a little, given my age, health and finances. But I know that once I am back there, my soul will come alive with joy once again. Life is too short to not grasp that wild ride one more time.

My first response to the prompt was I dont have a CLUE what I know for sure, any more, but when I started tapping the keys, it turns out I do have a thought or two on the topic. Great prompt, Mary. Best ever!

What I Know For Sure:

that even the worst times were necessary
to teach me the lessons my soul needed to learn

that it doesn't matter how much or little you gather,
in life,
only what you give

that each cell, particle, tree, rock, being, in the world
is connected to every other

that even in times when we feel most alone,
we are being guided and helped

that, in order to be truly  happy and at peace,
we must follow our hearts,
even when it scares us ~
especially if it scares us!


  1. Very wise words, Sherry. I agree that a person definitely learns lessons from the past that one can apply to the present. Your last stanza is one I can really relate to. A person MUST follow their heart even when it scares us, especially if it scares us. The heart knows....... (Thanks for taking part in Poetry Jam, Sherry!)

  2. Beautiful words Sherry! I like how you have expressed that we can learn from hardships rather than be bitter and that we should follow our heart, even when it leads us to frightening paths.

  3. Sherry, "even" and "especially when it scares us" particularly affected me. Sure, I did some dumb stuff in my 20's under "especially," but I did indeed follow my heart and knew somehow I was being watched over.

    A helluva a poem, my dear, and it's in real keeping with the prompt. Loved this. Amer

  4. Oh, and GO FOR that dream. Keep the faith. I just know this will happen for you. You've come a long way, and that dream is waiting...

  5. Words of wisdom, Sherry. Thank you.

  6. I have been 'terrified' many times ... you are so right.

  7. nice...i like the tough times being necessary..they do help hone us and prepare us for the challenged that we will face....and def it matters what you give in life...that is where our treasure is found...smiles.

  8. Tough times yes, Sherry! But these are tough times of choices to make but not tough times that are life threatening. Tough times to be made at leisure is the best of choices. Nicely!


  9. Wonderful and wise Sherry. You definitely found something to say about what you know for sure! Love the photo BTW.

  10. Follow your heart to the will find a way to survive!

  11. Oh, this is a poem about LIFE. I do so hope you get to your coast very soon.

    Did you see my post on Tuesday at "The Garden"? I feel sure you MUST know the poet I "introduced". I have seriously been quite taken with him and have lugged his two books around lately … He is an 80+ year old dream! ;P

  12. So true... and those of us who know to trust and follow our hearts are very lucky!

  13. I love these pearls of wisdom gathered from experience....may all your dreams come true Sherry... :)

  14. Sherry - so beautiful! I like the idea that even the hard times can be necessary times even though they don't feel that way when we are stuck in them! I hope you make it back to the beach!

  15. " that even in times when we feel most alone,
    we are being guided and helped"

    this one is my favourite

    much love...

  16. Sherry, mi amiga, your words tug at the heart of my soul because I think we're teathered by these same notions


  17. Totally agree, and the most of the words resonate with me...follow your heart even it scares you sometimes...Much Love, Sherry <3

  18. especially then ~

  19. we must follow our hearts, - Oh yes, we must and let them show us the way, no matter what! Love this and the emotion.

  20. Follow your heart - thanks for the reminder. Loved every word of your poem - you had me nodding all the way through.

  21. Yes, yes, and yes. What wonderful things. You've expressed them so well here!

  22. That each cell, particle, tree, rock, being, in the world
    is connected to every other I KNOW THAT IS SO TRUE ALSO great poem

  23. Sherri, every word a gem! I love this and have found these things to be true too, especially that everything is connected and that we have to follow our heart, even if it scares us :-) Thank you for the wisdom, and for the love you left at my blog <3


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