Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Lady

Red robes swirling, monks march,
filling the street,
"Aung San Suu Kyi! Aung San Suu Kyi!"
They arrive at the base of her compound.
Soldiers, red scarves around their necks,
symbols of the oppressive regime,
exchange startled glances:
what to do?

And then she appears:
The Lady,
slim, sure, peaceful,
purposeful, smiling.
Climbing up over the barricade,
she smiles at her people,
raising her joined hands together
in a respectful bow.
She takes a white blossom,
tinged with palest pink,
from her hair,
cups it in her hands,
lifts it, then sends it aloft,
an offering, for her loving devotees:
symbol of peace, of hope,
of a living inner flame of freedom
the regime has been unable
to suppress.

posted for dVerse, where Claudia has asked us to write about colours.
I so admire this woman! I highly recommend the movie of her life: The Lady.


  1. You've caught the color I've seen in videos about her. She's amazing--a willing freedom fighter. I like this tribute.

  2. you make me curious to find out a bit more about her... we def. need more freedom fighters in our crazy time..

  3. Wonderful. This amazing lady is honoured in a great piece of wall art in my home town.

  4. goodness, purity, a peaceful heart - these things will never be suppressed by a regime, no matter how repressive...

    but thank heaven for people like her

  5. Well wrought poem - in praise of womanhood, peace, and courage. I applaud you and this fine piece.

  6. Love your write. I didn't know there was a movie. I'll watch it for sure.

  7. I have long been her ardent admirer ~ What price though she had to pay for that freedom & love for country ~

  8. Gorgeous images and paintings with words. I love this :)

  9. ...a beautiful ode to a colourful woman! smiles...

  10. i def admire her as well....and her story...and the approach as well to offer peace and hope in the face of her oppression...def takes a strong person...and a wise one...

  11. Absolutely beautiful. She was a very strong, amazing woman for sure. This is a great write. :-)

  12. Wonderful. I did not know that there was a movie, and will look out for it. I was in Burma - Myammar--many many years ago! A really interesting country--so sad all that's gone on there. k.

  13. ....a beautiful presentation Sherry....

  14. I am always amazed by the perseverance and the struggle of this lady, for her people. Beautifully written. :-) And the action of taking the flower and lofting it among the crowd- well presented.

  15. She sounds like an amazing soul! I so want to see this-thank you Sherry for sharing her with us and your verse is beautiful~

  16. The whiteness against that backdrop of red... very powerful image (having lived in a Communist country, I have an odd relationship with the colour red).

  17. Strong writing here, Sherry. This poem makes me want to know more...and to see the movie!

  18. Thanks for the recommendation. I will see this movie.

  19. she is such a star: beautiful inside and out. You did her proud with these lines.

  20. Beautiful write Sherry. I'll look for the movie your recommend. Peace my friend.

  21. Others have used the word "beautiful" here, Sherry, and it really fits.
    Luv, K

  22. You have evoked a very strong woman in this poem! I have not seen the movie yet but you make me want to.

  23. wow! a lovely ode to a very beautiful person indeed!

  24. Wonderfully done my dear, and yes she is to be admired!


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