Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Vandana Shiva~ Whole Earth Activist

Kids, I admit this is a long watch - sixteen minutes. But this woman speaks the truth so clearly, knowledgeably and inspirationally, it is worth it. Her farm produces whole foods and preserves seeds. Her information about genetically modified "food" and the merging of government and corporate interests is spot-on. Enjoy, and be inspired, as I am, by her wonderful energy, and her hope and belief, in people and in nature.


  1. Sherry, I will have to take your word for it in regard to her message. It is hard for me to commit to watching long videos, but I do trust your wisdom in that it would have been worth while.

  2. I would love to be part of this type of project~ I am actually trying to convince hubby to get Bees. We can help pollinate the local farms. I live in farm country! Thank you for sharing-her spirit is contagious :D

  3. My dear sweet friend ... thank you for this! I cannot say it inspired me ... just the opposite really, it depressed me, for I know where this world is headed. You are however right she is an inspiration.

    Shout out to all this is a long video - BUT there is nothing to watch and everything to listen to. I listened while I made my husband up a batch of face oil - as he was out of it. TRY TO LISTEN and do the dishes or something else. (((Hugs))) my friend.

  4. Sherry, this woman is of course a prophet. Sure, it's a long video, and some folks - the ones who need to see it most - will be put off by her indictment of humankind putting bucks over bioresponsibility. Thanks for bringing this forth, my sister in the fight! Love, Amy

  5. It takes dedication and commitment in opposing/combating genetic engineering. Hopefully it's not just localized as the big business they're up against can easily snuff them out. It's something than needs more. Financing is a major factor. They need to latch themselves to some strong organizations. BTW, there's an Indian Army Cantonment in Dehradun. Passed by that place when visiting India before! Thanks for sharing Sherry!



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