Saturday, March 9, 2013

Unexpected Grace

When one has readied oneself
for the perilous passage,
has set off with a high heart,
acceptance and courage
along the rocky path,
how unexpected
the diversion
into an alpine meadow
strewn with yellow-flower.

I sling down my pack,
sinking gratefully onto the warm, tumbled earth,
blessing, balance, and beauty
irradiating, infusing my being
-like the noonday sun-
with unexpected grace,
unsought beatitude and benediction,
unspoken petition as answered prayer.

My response can only be
a relieved and grateful
"Thank You".

Hi kids, all went wonderfully well in the city. We stayed at the coolest hundred year old hotel on English Bay. From my bed on the seventeenth floor, I could look out at a strip of beach, and watch all the lights come on after dark.

The last words I heard before the anaesthesia were "Imagine you're in Tofino, walking along the beach, listening to the waves...." I did, and when I woke up I was in Recovery. To my delight, my ankle is so well wrapped I barely know an operation occurred and I am able to hobble on it quite as well as I did before. I am still very tired, so I am taking it very easy. I have the neurological output of one of last summer's potatoes. Not much poetry happening here right now. 

So far, so good. Better than I expected by far. Sometimes, when we expect the worst, we get a pleasant surprise. Yippee!


  1. How nice,Sherry! Just to get through all the anxiety wears one off. The operation is just an irritant. Get well soon! Nicely!


  2. Blessing,balance and beauty exactly what you express ...blessings...bkm

  3. Beautiful piece, Sherry! This reminds us of all the things we have to be grateful for...Thank God, everything went on well and you are recuperating! Take care and get better soon:))

  4. ". . .unspoken petition as answered prayer" - ah, someone IS listening.

  5. There is poetry happening here!... Your recovery, mi amiga.

    You may now see the world with a new found freshness!

  6. I'm so glad it went well, Sherry. Goodness knows you deserve a break.

  7. Such a lovely poem! It exudes gratitude,something we all need to keep in mind,especially during stressful times. Well done!

  8. I wish you acres of flowers, Sherry, and a speedy recovery.

  9. I'm so glad the recovery is going smoothly. May you be graced again and again.

  10. Yes, it is always nice for sure when we expect the worst and receive a pleasant surprise. Life does gift us, doesn't it? I think we are probably gifted more than we know.....but it is at times like this that we realize it the most! Blessings to you, Sherry, on your recovery journey.

  11. I'm so relieved to hear that it went well, Sherry!

  12. So glad to read this Sherry. Something of the journey of your poem reminded me of the difficult journeys faced in "Lord of the Rings" or "Pilgrim's Progress". May your recovery be a restful one :)

  13. You brave lady, to bear up so well. And what a relief to have it behind you. Hope the restrictions on movement will soon be lifted.
    Loved the anesthesia dream.

  14. So Happy Sherry you are doing so well~ I enjoyed your path-there are many surprise on this path called life~ Well Done and do take it easy~

  15. So happy to know you are home and doing well. I love stopping by your place here so it is nice to have you home. Dawn faced another procedure this week and all went well. She had another biopsy, but the doctor is not concerned! Yeah!

  16. Beautiful words and I pleased you're feeling okay.

  17. How beautifully you describe the best possible radiation treatment. Such good news. Such good news.

  18. I whisper that "thank you" with you too, Sherry. So very happy you had a positive experience...I love that you had that view from your window too. Hugs...


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