Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The World Outside My Window

The bulldozer scoops up
great chunks of earth
digging deep into the soil.

Beside the hole, lies a six foot long
narrow  form, wrapped in a tarp.

Between house and hole,
the drag marks are darkened
with blood.

The inimitable  has set us a task, At Real Toads, for Words Count With Mama Zen , the inimitable Mama Zen has set us the task,  in 50 words or less, of looking out our window and telling what we see - but make it scary.  There has been a bulldozer at work at my neighbor's across the fence. So I did some imagining. As far as I know, the body count is still three at his house. Here's another take:


Out the window, silver skies,
birdsong, all earth's creatures
celebrate early spring,

Same window, same scene.
Add acid rain, global warming,
corporate greed, political collusion,
extinction of species.

Try not to despair!


  1. Oooh! I love the ominous tone of the first one, the hint of secrets in the quiet of a suburb. Very good.

    Your second is all too true - the only truly scary thing is what man brings with him and leaves behind.

  2. One fiction, one fact, and the fact is most likely to cause despair. I don't worry for myself, but for the younger generations, those raising children, those being children, those newly born.

  3. We need the dark imaginings of the first one to take our minds off of the all too real second one! And, it's kind of nice to know that I'm not the only one that sees a bulldozer and thinks of burying bodies!

  4. Bravo on both! I've had bulldozer blood both in the back and front of the house--the scars still remain, and--the second--we've still got the bird in the cage--but on the surface, not in the mines.

  5. Wow, powerful and so true :D

  6. What a coincidence.
    My has just been torn up with machines for a sewage system installed (you can see the dirt in the photo on tonight's post). Anyway, I was also imagining a story about digging up a body. But with more thinking, I came up with something different.
    Glad I did.
    I like yours!

  7. I'm chuckling at 'try not to despair' ...

    Love it when you let imagination take over ~~ does the neighbor read your blog?

  8. ...and there you are peeping from behind your curtains.. ha ha, just kidding.

    And the second... sigh. You had to ruin my fun ;P

  9. Ah, that's reality...hard truths!!
    Seeking beauty was once the obsession of poets like Keats for whom beauty was truth...but that truth can get ghastly sometimes...that's what we needed to know about this earth! Beautifully written, as always, Sherry! Poignant pieces! Lovely..

  10. ah, love the first one-the drag marks are darkened with blood- perfectly spooky imagery

  11. Quick, send for the police! LOL

  12. Loved both of your offerings, Sherry. Mystery in the first one and hard truths in the second!

  13. Ooo...creepy, Sherry...I love all the earthen details...getting into that dirt and then the twist you bring with the blood...great write!

  14. creepy and clever - well done Sherry

  15. Second one is scarier than the first, sadly, though both come true in one way or another somewhere every day. Loved your double take, Sherry(it's hard to write just one!)

  16. You really touched on the despair just the sound of a bulldozer makes me uneasy and how you explained the damage done by greed etc. in the second poem, so painfully true. Very nice work, Sherry.

  17. So cool and very menacing! Thanks, Sherry. k .


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