Sunday, March 24, 2013

Oogy: From Bait Dog to Beloved/inspiring but could be upsetting to animal lovers

Kids, I just finished reading this book. This beautiful gentle loving dog had an unbelievably harsh beginning, being tossed into a cage at a couple of months of age with a vicious fighting dog (as motivation to increase the fighting dog's brutality). He had one ear and half his jaw bitten off, among other things. It was incredible that he survived.

The family who fell in love with him happened to be at the vet's when they were trying to decide what to do with him, and it was instant love. The author, Larry Levin, says that even after all this dog had suffered, he exudes nothing but love and trust.  The video reveals a compassionate family and a sweet dog who started off with no chance, and then was mercifully given another chance at life.

Oogy has endured several operations and has had some reconstructive surgery done on his face. The vet who has cared for him since the beginning has done so without charge, so grateful was he that Oogy found a family who loved him as this sweet gentle creature so deserves.

I cant wrap my head around the kind of human it takes to toss a small puppy into a pen with a vicious attack dog. My heart breaks for the attack dog too, who has known only viciousness and cruelty all his life. Why - WHY? - and HOW can this still be going on???????


  1. I read this amazing book. This truly illustrates the heart of a dog, and its capacity for forgiveness.

  2. I can't wrap my head around the idea, either, Sherry, except to believe such people are heartless. I might even go so far as to say such people might have been brutalized in their own lives. But understanding why they'd throw a puppy in with an attack dog? No.

  3. I have to believe that this kind of cruelty is the result of ignorance. People don't recognize or know our connection to animals. Then again did you ever read the old book by Scott Peck about the existence of evil? I guess that's a possibility too. At any rate, so glad that at least this dog did find a loving family,

  4. My heart hurts thinking about it! Thank you for sharing this-why, why, why? Bless those who helped Oogy!

  5. Dogs are loving & forgiving; loyal & protective. Thank you Oogie's story...


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