Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Not This Time

image by Jukepoksi at deviantArt.com

It's like a spirit
pulled back a curtain,
in the starlit sky,
allowing me a glimpse,
a hint of vastness
and eternal mystery
so infinite,
that my mere mortal minuteness
was revealed, at once
insignificant yet intricately
woven into the cosmos.

My voice caught
in my throat
and there were
--there are--
no words,
only that domed sky
arcing above,
us below, like ants,
looking upwards,
 at a portal to another plane,
the moon, purveyor of myth and mystery,
smiling her fat secret  smile
as we contemplate
the heavens.

From a dark tree, startling,
an owl wings swiftly across the meadow,
the wind from her wingtips
against my face
like a prayer for all beings,
a benediction, a possibility,
a promise
that all will be well.

And when I next look up,
the portal has been closed.
"Not this time," Spirit whispers.
"There will be
another spring."

Good news, kids. The incision is mending perfectly and the biopsy results say: "atypical tumor with no sign of cancer". Whu-hoo! this is Wild Woman, boogeying. And very grateful.


  1. Beautiful, Sherry. So glad the portal has been closed and that there will be another spring. Enjoy it to the fullest this year!

  2. Wonderful. Such a powerful moment -I love the owl's passage, still soaring, but back home.

  3. Yes, the wind from the owls wing tips provides much wisdom and the spirit of 'Ohm' will embrace you for at least another Spring with us for I cherish the thought. If I may be given another waft of Spring, I too will cherish it, for none of us have this 'written in stone'.

    I share a smile with you, mi amiga

  4. I love this..and that you will be fine after the tense time wondering..there's something about the sky metaphor that is all encompassing for all of us and you scripted it well;)

  5. A masterful writer, you took an experience that vacillated from harrowing to triumphant and created a series of psalms revealing the emotional path. And I love where they ended!

  6. Both the poem, and the news - are like a song of wonder to my overloaded senses (some in negative ways)

    And the image, a reminder to be grateful.

    Take care, Sherry.

  7. Happy, so happy for you Sherry!
    Yes, that portal needs to stay close for a long while. Only the owl knows when...thank God, we don't~

    Thankful you have great news! :D

  8. Yay!! So glad for your good report!

  9. so glad to read that your tumour was benign. Hope you are walking aain without discomfort.

  10. I'm so glad!!! Not this time!!! Your recovery seems to inspire your creativity. You wrote a beautiful poem here. So glad. So glad.


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