Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Walking on the Winds of Morning

Artist is Christopher Walker, of Vancouver Island
This fellow looks exactly like my Pup, peeking around the corner of the Common Loaf Bake Shop in Tofino, where he and I spent so many happy years.

Traveler walks
on the winds of morning,
gentled by the soft mist,
attuned to the music
of the spheres.

Tiny birds alight
on her shoulders,
then lift off, twittering,
to follow her passage,
branch to branch,
through the sleepy forest.

She is Sky-Woman.
Though her feet are planted
on the earth,
her eyes never leave
the sky.

There are footsteps
softly padding along
behind her.
She does not turn
to see who comes.
She knows.

He is invisible,
but she knows those perked ears,
that arching tail,
that long black snout.

Walking on the winds of the morning,
their two spirits touch
through the veil of mist.
Their two hearts
are never


  1. You are right HE is there. This is so tender and so filled with love for Pup and the goodness in this world. Excellent shamanic write. Maybe I should say Rite.

  2. What a wonderful mystical piece Sherry..Jae

  3. Sherry- This is so beautiful... I really like this line:

    Walking on the winds of the morning

  4. awwww ... no the bond between you will never be broken and, you'll see each other again, I'm sure.
    What another lovely, mystical, magical piece from you again.

  5. Beautifully done, Sherry. I know he is still with you, and always will be.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  6. A mystical poem shows the love of two
    kindred spirits.

  7. Kindred spirits indeed...i love the first stanza it is amazing Sherry...your poems always speak of life's journey for all of creation....beautiful! :-)
    (Your Muse is alive and well) :-)

  8. Sherry, you write nature so well. Oh, for your gift.....

  9. Lovely write Sherry, I can see the two of you together walking. Good feelings in this poem,


  10. Hi -- like Laurie posted above, I really liked the line: "Walking on the winds of the morning"... fine bit of writing Sherry...


  11. Sweet boy, never far away and inspiring such wonderful work. You two make an exceptional team.

  12. Yes, he is always there, Sherry--in your heart and in your words.

  13. So sweet, they live forever in our heart:)

  14. Sherry, this makes me sad. I miss my Adi very much. I know the lady in this poem will have a joyful reunion with her friend. Adi and I will too, I believe that dogs do go to Heaven. I was shown in the Bible where it say.
    Adi was a very good dog (link)\..

  15. They become such a part of our lives and spirits.

  16. Once connected the souls stay together forever ~ love the rhythm of your poem too.

  17. sometimes, at night especially, I'd see my black dog move in the corner of my eye, even after he'd passed beyond this veil. ~


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