Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bumper Stickers on the West Coast

I see people are writing about bumper stickers today, for dVerse. Well, cool.

I saw such terrific ones in Tofino.

My other vehicle is a broom.

This car is not lost - it just Pauses for Thought.

Hug a logger - you'll never go back to trees. (Grrrrr......I prefer trees!)

A really good one is Evolve, dammit!

Money is a drug - Heal the spirit.

And my all-time favorite - Money Rules - the Spirit Liberates.

A friend of mine, Ron Aspinall, a doctor and passionate environmentalist, created the last two. He told me he was talking to someone wealthy about the environment, and how Clayoquot Sound was in peril, and the fellow told him, "Yeah, but you know, money rules."

Ron said he walked away with that remark really bothering him, he kept thinking about it, till finally he realized: Money Rules - but the Spirit Liberates. He handed me the bumper sticker, we exchanged delighted grins, and it promptly joined the other bumper stickers on my rusty little car.

I now have a bumper sticker that says I Love Tofino. Because I do.


  1. I had a teacher named Aspinall in Kelowna, KJHS or KHS. He could have had a son who became a doctor?

  2. I never put bumper stickers on my car. they could be as hard to remove as a tattoo that one eventually decides one doesn't want. LOL. Plus they could be an embarrassment if one's candidate of choice loses.

  3. I love your collection of bumper stickers. My favorite from long ago was tongue in cheek: Nuke a Gray Whale. We don't put them on our cars either as my husband is kind of a car nut and would not allow such a sacrelig. LOL I do put those peel-off things on the windows.

  4. I like Evolve, dammit!

    I saw one that said, "Grow your own stupid...plant a man."

  5. Years ago, I was disappointed at the pool of presidential candidates. My car wore a "Miss Piggy for President" for the entire campaign.


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