Friday, October 14, 2011

On Hunger

For Poets United's Thursday Think Tank topic: Hunger

The world is hungry for peace,
yet gorges itself on war.
It is famished for justice and equity,
yet is indifferent to a world order
that cries out for change.

There is food for all,
yet big-eyed children starve,
while in other countries,
corporations, people, even dogs and cows,
grow fat and sleek,
with a voracious greed
that can never be sated.

How to stop the endless gobbling
of the Haves,
how to turn all guns to ploughshares,
till the soil and feed the global famine,
in a world hungry for peace,
that gorges itself on war?

What will it take
to satisfy
the world's hunger,
ease the longing
in the hearts of mankind?


  1. Yeah, it's truly a travesty when people are starving in other parts of the world, and here in the U.S. we conduct eating contests where people gorge themselves on massive amounts of food, just to prove that they can do it. That's like a kick in the face to the people in your photo.

  2. But who is to blame? What is to blame? How can the problem be solved? Who can solve it. There is no easy answer. These same problems of people starving went back to the B.C.(Biblical) times, as did wars.

  3. What you say is true and has Universal meaning. Sad how out of balance we have become,


  4. The world is hungry for peace, yet gorges itself on war.
    Starting verse is sooooo amazing! i love it Sherry! Thanks.

  5. "How to" is definitely the question we each should be asking and seeking the answer to.

  6. you've expressed the need well

  7. This situation is getting worse, and until now, there is no solution. Very well done specially in handling this delicate issue ~

  8. If we could deliver that sustenance perhaps there would be less suffering, very sad but nice writing.

  9. And why is there such a void that longs to be filled? Thanks for sharing.


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