Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy News!

Happy news, kids! My youngest, Stephanie, and her wonderful man, Gord, have recently become engaged. I am thrilled. I told Gord that I have waited as long as Steph has, for a man like him to come along. She and I have both had bumpy rides on the road to love.

I love Gord for being the wonderful man he is, and also for putting the happiness in my girl's eyes, her voice, and her heart.

Steph and Gord, I wish you both continued happiness, through all the years to come.


  1. Oh, Sherry, they look so happy! And you sound so happy. Here's wishing all of you many years of happiness as Gord joins your family.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. Sherry, I am so very happy for your daughter (and for you). The two of them look so very happy. I wish them forever happiness.

  3. Congo Ratz Sherry. Such happy news I just know you are elated.


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