Monday, October 24, 2011

Maple Leaf Joy

[image from google]

It is humbling, and a wonderful, heartwarming reminder, to be walking along pushing a one year old and a two year old in the stroller, showing them the colored leaves, and then watching the absolute joy on their faces when I handed each one a gigantic fallen maple leaf.

How is it that we sometimes lose that simple joy in all that is so accessible and readily available?

Pick up a fall leaf, kids. Inspect its veins, its shape, its color, its place in the grand cycle of the seasons.

Is it not a freaking miracle?


  1. Right on - little ones and their joy of good!

  2. Sherry, you have captured the essence of all the joys of my life: Children, autumn, nature, and wonder. Beautiful post, sorry I've been absent, still catching up on comments but had to click you at ABC... Love, Amy

  3. They abound, miracles... if only we are aware.

  4. It truly is a miracle. And who better than those little miracles - children - to lead us back to joy?

  5. My young brother's children are 10 and 8 this fall, practically all grown up, but my niece has a 4-year-old, to Auntie Kay's great delight. Watching them learn something new every hour, maybe even every five minutes!

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  6. Sherry, being around children of that age and seeing life through their eyes gives the freshness of the view to YOU too. Wonderful message.

  7. There is so much natural beauty in the world around us. Being able to see it through the eyes of a child is a gift.



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