Sunday, October 30, 2011

Flight Maps of Stardust Voyagers: a Poem

I found this image on Google, ascribed to
The title of my prose post on this topic was so groovy, I decided to attempt a poem.
Here goes:

The flight maps of stardust voyagers
are imprinted on our bones.

We arrived here from somewhere else,
with scintillation from the Milky Way
still trailing from our limbs.

Andromeda watched our journey
from star to star.
A supernova fired us from Sky to Earth
and, ever since,
we have been searching the heavens,
looking for the map
that will lead us


  1. The ending eclipsed the whole poem. How wonderful!

  2. Heavens connected to bones, to limbs.

    Very nice.

  3. Ah, yes, Sherry. We all want to find THE map. We hope we find the RIGHT map.

  4. I am a ufo junky and you just made that thought come to life in a very beautiful way with this poem.

  5. I love this poem - it feels so right. The final line, yes... but it was the first line (and the title) that drew me in and held me. Beautiful.

  6. truth - don't stop until you have the map


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