Tuesday, April 8, 2014

(Buried) Treasure

I carry my heart
in solidarity 
with a small sister in Afghanistan,
in Nepal, in Brazil,
in Haiti, in Africa,
who wants to go to school,
but who may not,
since she is not a boy,
who must cover herSelf and serve,
yet in whose heart
a dream of More still burns.

Each small girl, 
surviving in servitude,
each girl devalued,
set aside, married young
to serve her youth away....
each girl, a treasure,
so often unclaimed,
one day,
on her journey,
will discover her true worth
lies not in how she is seen,
or in the life she is forced to endure,
but in the qualities that
lie within her heart and mind:
courage, fortitude, strength,
her soul a temple
of inner light.

Wayfarer, watch closely,  for,
before your eyes,
one day, 
against all odds,
 this girl will

"A girl is not defined by what her society sees.
A girl is defined by what she sees inside herself".
from the documentary Girl Rising

Kids, I watched Girl Rising yesterday and it is a wonderful documentary, by Richard Robbins, poetically showing the lives of girls in developing countries, so many millions of whom long, but cannot afford, to go to school. They live lives of servitude and of not being valued. But those girls to whom a miracle happens, who get a helping hand, oh how they rise when they are offered a way out and grasp that moment. A fantastic film which would certainly make our privileged kids sit up and take notice of just how lucky they are.

posted for Mary's prompt at dVerse: Treasures. I do have a lot of personal treasures. But having seen this film, it made me think of the buried treasure that lies in the hearts of millions of girls all over the world.


  1. Sherry, beautifully expressed. Each girl everywhere IS a treasure....and hopefully each girl will have an opportunity to discover her SELFworth and not be devalued by her society because she is not a BOY. Thank you for this!

  2. hard ping to the heart with this one sherry....esp when i see those, both male and female that dont take advantage of that same opportunity here...and even for some of them it has to do with their sense of self worth....ugh...sad...but glad you give this the stage....

  3. Sherry an interesting stepping out of the box for this prompt but it works for me. >KB

  4. This is a very important message.. especially since we now know that educating girls is even more important than educating boys.. there are movements focusing on just the girls... it will raise the boys as well if you just focus on the girls...

  5. Such a relevant issue, worldwide. Thank you for writing about the important things Sherry. Brian makes a very crucial point - how those with the luxury of education do not value it as much as those who don't have it.

  6. You are right, Sherry - that is real treasure that you are talking about, the treasure of potential which these girls carry inside. What a shame to waste it!

  7. Beautifully penned. So sad and so important to talk about and seek a solution.

  8. What a great and original approach to this prompt - and I heartily agree with your sentiments. Fabulous work. Go, sisters!

  9. Sherry, I enjoyed your unexpected take on the prompt! How true that each girl is a treasure and that she should not be denied the right to go to school and get the same education as a boy.

  10. I love the message very much ~ Those girls who don't have the blessings of good education will value these opportunities very much ~ I look forward to those girls rising ~

  11. Sherry, you and I were empowered by the women's movement of the eighties. We know that drive to rise, to grow, to flower, and to blossom. I am glad that you are using that power to raise awareness in others and to hopefully help raise another generation of women who dream, and learn to dance to those dreams.


  12. Totally cool take on the prompt, now my own thinking about it is shifted once again. Well done!

  13. It is so disturbing to think that this is still reality for so many girls and women. And that somehow the free world turns their head--most of the time, at least.

  14. Excellent poem Sherry in that you highlight a problem in society with girls and education. I remember reading a Thousand Splendid Suns about women living under the taliban gov Afganistan.

  15. I have seen, "Girl Rising" as well...thanks for sharing such a vital message and affirming that each girl is a treasure!

  16. treasure them for the sake of the world
    treasure them for the sake of their loved ones and for themselves

  17. Women are still struggling all over the world. There is a long way to go to free women from servitude and give them equal rights.

  18. A definite treasure, each girl is. Thank you for reminding us with these nicely crafted words!

  19. How thoughtful of you; it's a huge thing to contribute to the betterment of such young women; god willing there is a ripple effect. Treasures each one, indeed.

  20. wonderful take on the prompt. really cool write.

  21. Sherry, you have put your finger on the neglected treasure that should be the shame of our generation. Pray that the wastefulness will be cured.

  22. that so beautiful and a gr8 video.

  23. Agree with all the comments. A wonderful take on the prompt. Such an important issue. K.

  24. Each person, regardless of gender, is a treasure. It truly is tragic that too many people are devalued because of their gender.

  25. Well penned and with a strong message. The world will be a better place with balance between genders. Our Bishop of Europe's Lent Appeal is for the women of Afghanistan, I hope it makes a difference.

  26. a poignant message. the treasure within is a very important and key entity. a truly touching piece.

  27. As boy & man, I've always believed in women's rights, right to earn the same as men, right to bear arms for their country, right to be educated, right to divorce a loser if they get saddled with one; the list goes on, unfortunately; great poem, creative take on the prompt.

  28. a friend of mine in LA founded a non-profit called Global Girl Media. she's currently back in South Africa working with girls. She's helped set up programs in Morocco, among other places, and they provide training and equipment for girls to learn to be journalists - to have a voice, and to speak it. ~


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