Saturday, April 1, 2023

Protect What You Love


A wild love for the world has my heart
leaping and breaking at the same time: lifting
as the blossoms of spring repeat that age-old
miracle again; breaking, because humans are not kind,
and are destroying our home and each other
across the globe.

We have lost our way. Time is short.

I mourn. The work of our time has been
to save the planet from destruction, to love
and protect the other beings who share
this world with us; to learn
how to be a good creature on this earth.

The work of our time is to be kind.

My heart, my two hands, my love
are not enough to fix all that is wrong.
So I put my  love and tears into a poem
and send it off into the world,
to other hearts who also love and grieve
this shimmering, beautiful, conflicted
and suffering world.

NaPoWriMo's prompt today is to take a book title and write a poem. This one came easy as I just bought Joanna Macy's A Wild Love for the World: the Work of Our Time. 

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  1. Another lovely poem. Overall they are not kind but there are a few who make life bearable.

  2. Our work is definitely to be kind. Seems like it should be easy! But we humans have definitely lost our way.

  3. Your poem is so clear about "The work of our time," that I want to read it loudly into the daily crowds, and even the traffic sloshing by!

  4. The work of our time is to be kind - how beautiful and simple this message is. I agree with Susan...I think I should put it on a sign and hold it by the roadside for all to read.


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