Tuesday, December 6, 2022



In winterlight
- white, cold, muted,
with the sky lowering down -
we hunker down
like the animals:
they in their frozen burrows,
we in our cozy rooms,
and rest.

It is time for warm soup
and crackling fires,
time for good books
and music, and the lighting
of candles.

In winterlight,
we draw inward,
seek warmth, and hope,
and long for peace.
In winterlight,
like every other animal,
we hunger for what
we have not,
and dream of spring.


  1. Winter is indeed a time to draw inward and hopefully in the spring we will be rested.

  2. That dream of spring is like the primal seed of hope that keeps us going!

  3. A time to retrospect as well !

  4. Lovely poem. There is such beauty in a winter snow....which I enjoy watching on t.v.:)

  5. "Winterlight" so catches the mood of the image and springs forth the associations of hunkering down and finding comfort while the worst rages outside. A comforting poem for long nights.

  6. To everything a season, and in this one, we do well to turn inward.


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