Sunday, December 4, 2022

A Weary Prayer


I run my beads through care-worn hands,
each bead a prayer from my weary heart;
one step, around the prayer wheel:
prayers for peace in the world,
peace in our hearts.

Another bead, another step:
may all warring stop,
may all beings be cared for.

Three times around the prayer wheel:
may the animal world cease to suffer.
May all bombs be banned from the planet.
May we awaken more enlightened.

76 times around the sun I have travelled,
most of those years with dreams. These last years
I have seen things I never could have imagined.
A soul weariness: humankind has lost its way.
How can we have lived for so long
bombing and killing
and still not understand
we cannot win peace this way?

A final time around the prayer wheel, and then to bed:
May humankind become enlightened.
May leaders lead as they are sworn to do.
May they work to save this planet, our only home,
and stop serving corporate greed in quest of power.
May all beings stop cutting the trees
we need to breathe.
May all beings stop harming the animals
who suffer at human hands.

May all beings awaken to a better day.
I finger my beads; this is the prayer I pray.

for The Sunday Muse. No wonder old souls are so weary.


  1. "A soul weariness: humankind has lost its way"
    But the poem ends on a hope for a better day. Which give the reader a semblance of a happy read.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog Sherry.


  2. May all bombs be banned... I hope whoever can make that happen is listening... really reading everyday about stories of war and bio- destruction is causing a severe kind of weariness. Well written, Sherry!!

  3. A sad but timely reminder of what the world has become and where we are. May your final few words come true, one day.

  4. "May all beings awaken to a better day."

  5. This feels like the prayer to repeat, especially when fear seems to be the only emotion promoted.

  6. This is surely a prayer from a weary heart who has seen much in a lifetime. One can feel the journey around the sun. I hope the universe hears and answers your prayers.

  7. Yes, may your/my prayer to awaken to a better day be answered

  8. A poetic prayer that touches the weary heart my friend! The circling around the prayer wheel is a movement that will continue to be needed. I love this heartfelt poem Sherry!

  9. I honour your beautiful prayer, Sherry. This was heartwarming to read <3

  10. Some people are only craving power. Little odd power grabs at work, in relationships, or of vast swaths of land. Me - I'll take the peace of your prayers.

    Peace to you!

  11. So many of us are heart-weary. I am finding this world a terribly selfish and greedy place to live.

  12. Wonderful prayers, Sherry.
    We all need to be praying for each item here.

  13. I imagine myself with a strand of beads, kneeling beside you in prayer. May these things come to pass in our lifetime, Sherry.


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