Saturday, September 10, 2022

Things to Say Instead of 'I'm fine'


On the street, passing villagers ask
"how are you?" and the expected response
is 'Fine, thanks,' even if one is hobbling,
and the other already walking away
before I can ask them the same.
For how is there time, as we're
rushing off to our various errands, to say,
(though sometimes I try): "It is so beautiful
today, it makes my heart sing" or "when
I saw the eagle fly across the harbour,
my heart flew along with him, for just
a little way."

We generally have an unspoken agreement
not to mention trump, covid, or the climate crisis,
the intense heat, the horrifying floods,
the wildfires, the climate refugees already
on the move, though leaders stay tight-lipped
about the state of things, as if the world
were not crumbling and sliding into the sea.

Wouldn't they be shocked
if I stopped right there
on the sidewalk, and said: All my life
I've loved people who never felt loved enough.
I gave all that I had, though it seems to be
forgotten, suffered many losses,
yet stayed grateful for the beauty
all around me, and the gifts that I've
been given. From where I was to
where I am now was an amazing journey,
for which I'm thankful, and I'm tired now,
my quiet heart at peace.

But "Fine, thanks," I say, smiling,
which is likely a relief
to those who ask.

Inspired by List of Things to Say Instead of I'm Fine by Marlin M. Jenkins.

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  1. Loving people who never felt loved enough is a valuable achievement. More of us should only be able to add it to our cv's...


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