Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Somewhere You Took a Turning


Beached pilot whales

you took a wrong turning
and others followed.
You lie growling and clicking
on the sand,
at the mercy of the same species
who are trying to help
as destroyed the world
you once swam through
with ease.

A bucket of water
for momentary relief
will never be enough
to make reparation
for our fouling of
the seas.

we took a wrong turning
and others followed,
and now we can't seem 
to find a way
back to the garden
of that better

230 pilot whales beached themselves in the second 
mass stranding event this past week in the
Australian state of Tasmania.

Scientists say noise pollution, overfishing and warming seas - all human-caused factors - contribute to the many strandings seen along beaches in recent years. Half of the beached whales above are still alive and rescue efforts are being made, but the scope of suffering for the whales is devastating.

Shared with earthweal where we are doing an ekphrasis challenge as Brendan prepares for a major hurricane bearing down on the state of Florida. 


  1. Any stranding is disturbing, but the mass strandings of pilot whales (so ironic a name) is incomprehensibly sad. The sea rarely demonstrates its paradoxes like this -- mammals who fled to the water returning in their end to the shore. Maybe they are protesting us.

  2. This photo was another that broke my heart. We can't even understand how it is, which thing we've done, that is causing this. It's frightening. How can we ever fix all of the things we have broken? (Kerfe)

  3. The terrible thing is that some are saved pushed out to sea and then they return again.... we have to find an answer to this.

  4. The turning here is dual, but the responsibility is single--ours. Our alienation from and disregard for what is truly important will be truly the death of us if we do not make a turn in another direction. Well said, Sherry.

  5. Any reparation must come from a sense of it being needed, a degree of guilt. I fear we are such a long way from there. Lovely to read you again Sherry.


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