Friday, May 6, 2022



Artist: Suzanne de Veuve

The crone, wrinkled and gnarled,
with her long stringy hair,
is stirring in the forest
in her nest of leaves.

Rabbits and wolf cubs perk their ears
and the bear is arrested mid-swoop,
while fishing in the river.

She is sounding the drum,
its reverberating thrum
calling the Council of All Beings
to the river's edge.

Her drumbeat is calling me
out of the bustling village.
It beckons me deep
into the forest's heart,
where all is green, and silent
and sacred.

I enter the primeval sepulchre
as the world goes still
and falls away.

The way forward is written
within that stillness.

I need but listen closely,
to find my way.

for earthweal's open link.  I watch the news. I bear the toxic energies of people who live close by. I bear the unexplained silence of those farther away. To strengthen and reinforce the peacefulness that saves me, I go into the forest, walk along the shore. Everywhere I look is beautiful. I breathe in blossoms. I breathe out a constant "Thank You. Thank You. Thank You." 


  1. The drum is indeed sounding and we need to heed the call of mother earth. I too give thanks for the gifts that surround me. I love your message about the way forward.

    wishing you peace in your life...

  2. I am glad you have the forest, a still place that will give comfort to your soul!

  3. Still fighting to protect my forest...

  4. This is surely the way to proceed, Sherry, in hope and gratitude...

  5. The drum is the poem and its beat resonates deeply through the world. There are so many other vantages for a poem, but so few that accomplishes this much.

  6. May that stillness spread to cover the world--we are all in need of it.

  7. Walking is living, yes?
    M / grapeling


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