Saturday, May 14, 2022

How To Emerge From Lockdown


How shall I emerge from lockdown?
Cautiously, like a hedgehog poking its nose
out of its burrow, checking to see if it's spring?
With masks, since the virus is still here, lurking,
though most are pretending it isn't?

I was already a recluse, a hermit,
content in my small rooms. During lockdown,
all that changed was I went out into the world,
when I did, briefly,
with a mask. And will I ever be comfortable
revealing my naked face to the world again?

I may just continue making
short visits out, then come happily home.
Lockdown is lifted, but people are still
falling ill after they gather.

It's Saturday, and this is what I know:
sometimes the world won't let itself be sung.
But we can sing to it, until the frogs
begin to croak in small springtime creeks,
sing to it until it is ready to sing 
its own sweet song again.

An offshoot of Jim Moore's How to Come Out of Lockdown. The italicized line is his.


  1. It is difficult to venture out again. I find my solace in nature as it is uncrowded and I prefer the company of trees and birds sometimes.

  2. You can keep the mask if you want to. I see people still wearing them...two or three in a store today.


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