Thursday, May 19, 2022

An Inventory


One humanity, longing for peace but
at war with itself and each other.
One world, Mother Earth bursting
into spring: blossoms, baby animals -
and Hope.

The blue sky above after days of rain,
a few clouds scattered like sheep's wool
after a day of shearing.

The beach with its long strip of sand,
its joyful dogs, its waves, subdued
after the storm's passing.

One heart, as tired as it has ever been,
but still and always Looking Up.

The neighbour dog I rarely get to see;
we long for each other, but his owner
is not kind.

Downton Abbey, which I turn to
for escape from the daily news.

The eyes of Ukraine prisoners of war,
knowing they are being held
by a brutal regime to whom their lives
mean nothing.

Grief: we are not being
all we are meant to be.
Earth grief: heart breaking
at all the ways we have failed.

But let me count the joys: a sweet village
full of friendly folk; my heart, still
beating, keeping me this side of earth;
friends, with whom to share the perils
of our human birth; poems,
to mark the days, the months, the years.
They chart the journey made
and the price I paid.

This poem has come to say
thank you for the
blessing of having a grateful heart,
that recognizes all the gifts
I have been given
along the way.

Inspired by Wild Writing's Jen Lee and her poem Inventory.

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  1. Sherry, I like your inventory. Joys and sadnesses, but still looking upward. So sad about the neighbor dog. Sometimes life is not fair when you both care about each other but cannot meet. We all need our escapes from the sad realities of life. And yes, important to be thankful for what gifts one has received.


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