Monday, May 2, 2022

Love Song to Clayoquot Sound IV


Oh, untrammeled coastal beaches
of Clayoquot Sound, you sang
a siren song to me for years
before I journeyed here,
long before I ever saw
the perfection of your beauty.

Your ley lines drew me to you
as surely as a murrelet is drawn to its nest,
a migrant whale to its feeding ground.
Your call could not be ignored,
and so I came, out of the desert
and over the coastal mountains.

And then, such joy! Waves galloping
into shore like white-maned horses,
misty, fog-shrouded mornings, 
thousand-year-old cedar, raven, eagles,
wind-surfing the sky,
 herons picky-toe-ing their way
along the mudflats, seabirds
wheeling free over shining waters,
my heart exulting that I'd made
my dream come true.

Love for your wild beauty
will never stop singing inside me.
I carry that song of joy within,
a gleaming treasure, a song of love.

There are spirits here:
they called me to this power place
of the First People, who have walked here
before us for ten thousand years.
Spirits of land and sea and sky
whisper to me, in the forest,
along all your wild shores.
They sing to my soul: deep peace,
deep peace.
They give me rest.
They tell me:
You are Home.

It comforts me to know
that one day I will be placed
in this beloved earth,
where tall trees lashed by winter storm
will sing over me.
It is good to know that
I will never have to leave,
that I will remain
forever in this beauty place
where my soul put down its roots
so deep they can
never be pulled out.

for earthweal, where we contemplate Spirits of Place. In 2000, UNESCO designated Clayoquot Sound a Biosphere Reserve.  But you would not believe how many old growth trees have been cut down since then.


  1. That is beautiful, Sherry. You have found your place. Surrounded by beauty and spirits. It IS your home. You know it well and are part of it, as it is part of you!

  2. It is the particulars of place -- wave and mountain, ancient cedar and winging eagles -- which resonate so as spirit song. We are just the next and soon past carriers of this music! You offer it and hand it off so well for all of us.

  3. You are obviously as attached to your spiritual home as I am to mine, Sherry. Beautifully sung!

  4. their voice is your voice, is their voice ~

  5. This reads like a foundation myth. I love the thought of your journey, and you finding a journey's end of such beauty. It's beautiful.

  6. Wonderful as ever Sherry -- thank you for sharing your journey and your home with us all.

  7. A love song of the truest love there is. As Balzac said, 'The love of Nature is the only love which does not deceive human hopes." And so I have found it. Your love for your Place informs your work always, Sherry, even when it is tinged with sadness. Here we feel its pure joy.

  8. "you sang
    a siren song to me for years
    before I journeyed here" and may you never leave. You are so clearly home among the family your faith brought you to. I love you so much! Let this song of joy ring out, let it come through you so that those of us who are deaf and blind can hear it and sing it too.

  9. How wonderful to have found your heart country. Your poems sings like an anthem to all that is good, wild and free on this earth. Suzanne - Mapping Uncertainty

  10. Beautiful... I especially am thinking of the soul putting down roots.. such a powerful thought.

  11. No one could ever love a place more than you love this spiritual beautiful home of yours. It makes everyone happy to know you feel like this

  12. Oh my, this is a beautiful song . You truly live in the place of your heart. Your deep love for the earth is inspiring. We should all sing praises for the gifts of nature. I am honored to have met you in my dream travels.

  13. LOL i'm loving your poem but i keep hearing my silly voice as the video plays.


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