Monday, May 2, 2022

Letting All the Bad Stuff Go


First there were the big blue hills,
covered in snow, across the lake.
There were bullrushes, my first black dog,
a swing; weiners and beans for lunch,
two large turkeys who walked,
one on each side of me, up and down
the driveway, to protect me,
because I was so small.

Later, there was Grandma's house,
apple orchards in spring blossom,
riding my bike far out into the hills.
Always, the smell of the hot, packed earth,
sage and Ponderosa pine.

Today there was a happy hello 
from a wolf-dog who loves me,
and his grim owner yanking him away.
Unhappy humans tend to take away
the happiness of others. Well, they try.
But I am at peace: with my life,
with my soul, with how hard I have tried
through all the high-hearted

I hold onto the joy: puffy clouds
against blue sky, spring unfolding.
I protect my
peaceful rooms, my peaceful heart.

I watch myself letting all the bad stuff go.

The title and closing line were inspired by Watching Myself As I Learn to Let Go by Rosemerry Wahtolla Trommer.


  1. So true! Unhappy humans make others miserable, but you are a person who does not allow that. You bounce back as you always have and always will. Not everyone has that ability that you do!

  2. You are a wise woman. Continued peace to you.

  3. I echo Brother Ollie, and hope also to let things go ~

  4. Easy to let go a dog owner's fear that the dog's friendly greeting will get the owner into trouble...

    I wish a cousin's ex-wife, who still lives in my neighborhood, had had that fear! Dog ran out to say hello as usual, then decided he wanted more attention and grabbed my arm. In a friendly way, mind you. I know his intentions were good because I can still use the arm. I was holding my bleeding arm out away from my torn clothes, and Idiot Neighbor was beating the dog while screaming "He did not attack you! Nothing happened!" I called the police. The dog had to be tested for rabies but I really wanted something done about the woman.


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