Saturday, September 11, 2021

Wings and Feathers


You are braided through my life
with wings and feathers -
always flying off to
Somewhere Else,
where I cannot follow.

We grew up together,
journeyed together,
souls in transit,
me learning too late
what I needed to know
back then,
alas and alack.

Slowly, my hair turned
the colour of
silvery ash. I am wiser,
now, but the thing about life is,
there is no
going back.

Thinking of my children, fellow voyagers, and how young I was, in my 30's, trying to raise four kids on my own. 


  1. That's for sure. As the song says, I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger.

  2. Beautiful! I always try and imagine what advice I would give to my younger self. All the roads not taken...

  3. Yes this is so true and wise my friend. We just cannot know then what we know now. A gorgeous poem Sherry!!

  4. "You are braided through my life with wings and feathers" Love that line. Oh, I wish there was a rewind button, but I am sure even if I could go back in history, I'd find a new way to mess things up.

  5. A lovely write, Sherry, with much wisdom.

  6. True how true. I wouldn't mind going back but only if I could know then what I know now. But....maybe that would be worse?

  7. I would like to go back, even if I didn't know what I know now.
    My last line? It is just a saying, might should have put it in quotes. Most time I enjoy being old as I enjoy life. Once in a while the Old bit gets to me. I am not sure about my next, 88, I might run away again. For sure Mrs. Jim would follow me.

  8. now, but the thing about life is,
    there is no going back.

    The beauty of going through life, that we know better now. The siblings may miss it but the grandees will benefit. great thoughts Sherry!


  9. Love this Sherry, especially that first line.
    There’s no going back but nice to know we did our best.

  10. You nailed it here. That first stanza is both sad and infinitely accepting--we are what we are, and life does what it does as we sit by and try to find all the things we need to know, til we finally are left with a great wonder, and a ruefulness and regret we didn't figure it all out sooner. Such a journey. Beautiful poem, Sherry.

  11. That last stanza just hit me right in the chest.

  12. Poignant and wistful - beautifully written.

  13. Poignantly stated. Luv the wisdom of your poem.
    Good Sunday Sherry


  14. Learning too late ... how often I hear this from my contemporaries. And confess to having had those regrets. Well done Sherry ... take care.

  15. The inner child is still alive within you. There is great wisdom in your words.

  16. Oh Sherry, so lovely and I'm there with you.

  17. This spoke to me of the bridges we burn throughout our lives! So touchingly resonant.

  18. That last stanza felt like a punch
    in the gut. Great writing, Sherry!


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