Sunday, September 19, 2021

Collateral Beauty*


My grandkids, when they were younger

This world is so beautiful,
with moments of heart-stopping wonder,
when we catch our breath in awe,
at the myriad of small miracles
unfolding before us every day.

This world can seem so dark,
with the ignorant, entitled and ugly forces
that seem to be trying
to tip the balance of light into darkness
across the planet.
Sometimes, it feels like
they are winning.

Let's always remember
the moments of collateral beauty,
when we realize our 
profound connection
to everything.
Let's cling to our belief
that - no matter what -
this beauty is the way
it was always meant to be.

Inspired by watching the film "Collateral Beauty" with Will Smith this afternoon. What is that quote? "Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."


  1. Yes! The world is still a beautiful place that can leave us awestruck. Nature is a natural light beam, there is always something to catch the eye of wonderment. We are connected to everything as that is the natural design of the universe that we be connected. You are indeed wise my friend.

  2. Yes. What you say so beautifully is true. I am enjoying the beauty and wonder of a new terrain in Florida. Though I’m missing the desert, I’m discovering new sources of beauty and I’m loving it.

  3. It is really good to take time to remember that there is indeed beauty...and life.


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