Monday, September 13, 2021


One foot, another foot,
breathing peace, we walk
the labyrinth.

We have strayed from the Old Ways
of the People. Meditating
on the lip of the precipice,
what pathway will lead us
from the anthropocene maze?

At Fairy Creek, the elder speaks
of healing Mother Earth,
so all may live. 
He points his eagle feather;
I follow where he leads.

One step, a leafy breath.
Another step, a human sigh.
Look up! Rainbows and eagles
are painting hope
across the sky.

for Ingrid at earthweal: The Anthropocene Labyrinth.


  1. This is a wonderful response to the challenge Sherry, thank you! It is fascinating that even at Fairy Creek you are walking the labyrinth. May the steps lead to new hope!

  2. The labyrinth above is outside the hospital in Port Alberni. The photos were taken on the day they celebrated opening it to the public.

  3. Ritual dances like this must inscribe something in the mind's path to soul, the imitation of daunting turns a figuration of coursing seasons and birth canals. Your dance here is so instructive, for it can be done as celebration, urgent though the time be.

  4. This poem is you - the one who is centered on hope. The last stanza perfectly exemplifies this. Love the poem and the photos.

  5. I love the hopefulness of this. Beautiful.

  6. Oh My, That last stanza is amazing. May we have more visions of hope for this weary earth. I am always trying to breathe peace.

    bless you my friend.

  7. What lovely rainbow images - Suzanne - Mapping Uncertainty

  8. Beautiful reflections, Sherry. I think labyrinths are power amplifiers that can be put to good use.

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  10. Like the eagles painting hope oin rainbows across the sky...lovely image of optimism

  11. The labyrinth dance should be liberating, like this one. Such a shame the Minotaur myth used it as a prison.

  12. This is just beautiful Sherry. So uplifting and inspiring. So precious to celebrate our intimate and essential connection to the natural world, of which, we are just a part. I write piece after piece about it. Such logical and core wisdom. Will modern humans learn — we damned well better… and soon! This is so well written my friend!

  13. A wise and rich poem, Sherry. We all need an eagle feather to follow these days.


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