Saturday, September 18, 2021

Wild Woman Knows What She Knows


It is time, Wild Woman,
to bring forth all your gifts,
for the seasons now are quickening,
and swift.
Sing out your songs,
sing loud and strong and clear.
Write all your poems,
to say that you were here.

A Wild Woman creates her own way.
She runs with her inner wolves,
and she has a lot to say.
She speaks what truth she knows,
avoiding angst or wrath.
She follows her intuition,
along the unmarked path.

Wild Woman knows what she knows,
and she'll share her wisdom well
before she goes.)

Follow these pawprints into the forest,
Sister mine.
They will lead you to a home
Grandfather Cedar makes so fine.
An owl with piercing yellow eyes,
a cat with Cheshire grin,
will be on the doorstep watching,
waiting to let you in.

There is a conjuring old woman
living there,
her spirit fixed between
the sky and earth.
She has lived apart from others
since her birth,
doesn't care at all what people think.
Listen well to every incantation,
for all of them
are linked.

Wild Woman has fallen bewitched
by the beauty of the earth.
Before the fire,
she is singing over the bones.
When she finishes her song,
(and it won't take very long),
she will welcome you
to the Sisterhood of Crones.

An old poem shared with earthweal's open link.


  1. I would love to pay a visit to Wild Woman, Sherry :-) I can especially identify with this:

    She has lived apart from others
    since her birth,
    doesn't care at all what people think.

    I honestly don't blame her!

  2. We are well to have this wise woman's music weaving through the trees and staring back in eyes through the forest!

  3. It's always a mistake not to follow your intuition.Write all your poems to say that you were here....yes and even more importantly to make people feel something

  4. I think I know a wise woman exactly like the one in your poem. Love the message and the perfect rhyming.

  5. This is wonderful in so many ways Sherry!! The rhyme and flow and the beauty of the wisdom and message! I am so thankful you write of your journey and the amazing lessons along the way!

  6. Wild woman knows what she knows - she is wise, kind and has a loving spirit. In tune with life and nature. I am honored to have read about her journey. Always follow your intuition it is your inner guide to life.

  7. Your first stanza is very important. Yes, Sherry, it is time to sing all your songs, write all your poems. Write for yourself......for posterity. You have so many experiences that need to be written down and preserved.


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