Tuesday, May 25, 2021



Tonquin Guardian
By Christine Lowther

Kloolth aa pee,
Forest of green
on the far edge of town,
along your well-trodden paths
I walk
on hallowed ground.

sepulchre and tabernacle,
home and refuge to
teach us how to be
so we
regain your trust.

Shelter, refuge,
in my need,
forest serene,
my sanctuary blessed,
it is 
to you I come,
when I
seek rest.

Sadly, friends, the arrests have begun of the forest defenders at Fairy Creek. This beauty above - a conscious being, irreplaceable - is on the cutting block. People are demonstrating. Most of B.C. believes the two per cent of old growth left should be saved. But government has deaf ears. They send in 30 police cars, giving the strong message who is going to "win" this conflict of interest.......making us all losers in the end. I am not well enough to be there. But my heart is there, singing to the trees with the land defenders.

For earthweal, where the prompt is Sanctuary. Tonquin forest is a short block away from where I live. Half of it will soon be clearcut for housing. Some of us have worked towards protection of its significant trees. We have had to accept the loss of half the forest. As long as they dont then want the other half.


  1. That's beautiful. How wonderful to have such healing places near your home.

  2. To arrest someone who has taken sanctuary is a violation of primal code. Happens all the time, especially now, but the poets must echo the sound of what falls. But this: Nothing can be lost that is fully grieved. Your second stanza everything that can be said of sanctuary. -B

  3. A beautiful ode to this magnificent being - may you both find sanctuary in one another for many years to come.

  4. Oh dear Sherry, I'm so sorry to hear what they're doing here. It is so wrong to remove these ancient trees. My heart will be singing with you too xxx

  5. this is the definition of tragedy ~

  6. I'm so sad that the arrests have started, though not surprised. Those who believe in defending nature pay an inordinate price.

    'home and refuge to
    teach us how to be
    so we
    regain your trust.'

    This reads like an incantation, which is surely needed. Thank you Sherry.

  7. What a beautiful sanctuary, Sherry. So sad that so many old growth trees will be cut down.

  8. This is heartbreaking news. Sending my thoughts to your forest, in hopes of a government change of heart. The will of the people is not even on their radar it seems...

  9. Beautiful, but so sad. I weep with you...


  10. Sherry, I’m sorry for your lose. May God grant you a new sanctuary. Change is such a hard thing.

  11. Heartbreaking, but something tells me half will not be enough as long as there is money to be made their will be deaf ears.

    wiping a tear


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