Monday, May 10, 2021



Oh, wild, untamed and glorious
coastal beaches of Clayoquot Sound,
you sang your siren song for years
before I journeyed here.
Your ley lines drew me to you
and I remain here, bound
by your wild and thrilling beauty
and all the joy I've found.

When I arrived to that huge red sun
setting, your waves in endless spin,
my heart rose to meet you like a lover.
Like a lover, you took me in.
My spirit lifted like a soaring bird,
windsurfing the sky. Wild Woman
was born in that moment; she
had never flown so high.

Changing skies and old growth forests,
seabirds wheeling free, sunrises and sunsets
each a gift sent just for me,
beach dogs running wild along the sand
with happy, loopy grins - you opened your wild shores
to me and welcomed me right in.

I bless your wildish beauty in everything
I see: the gentle slopes of Wah'nah'juss
so comforting to me; Grandfather Cedar,
Tonquin Guardian, 800 years or more
you have stood guard in the forest
guarding our untrammeled shore.
Eagle, raven and heron,
wolf and whale and bear,
live close, where I can see them,
in this wild world that we share.

The universe surprised me when
it asked me to come back.
Now I have everything I need;
there is nothing that I lack:
I have grown old loving you
and the loving has been sweet.
I will walk my last years
on your sandy shores with happy feet.

I am bound here by your beauty,
held fast by the song of the sea,
my heart as grateful as it ever was
for all you've given me.

for earthweal where we are talking about the things or places for which we feel fierce love. My love affair with Clayoquot Sound has been my most joyous adventure. I have written so many poems, plus a story, about Clayoquot Sound, so  it was hard to come up with something new. I had already used up all the best words.


  1. What a fabulous ode to the beauty of the world and the way it touches our hearts. Suzanne - Mapping Uncertainty

  2. Such a beautifully fierce love song to a stunningly wild place, Sherry! I can understand how you would be drawn by its siren song and ley lines. When I first moved to the North Norfolk coast, I was greeted by a huge red sun setting over the sea. You may have bigger trees and wilder animals, but it’s all wild and free.

  3. A gorgeous love song Sherry,I am so happy you have found this beautiful place that you can love with all your heart. It is amazing how a spiritual home can draw you in and keep you there xxx

  4. What a beautiful love song. You sing the place alive for us.

  5. This is a perfect love song to this place you obviously hold dear in your heart! It is easy to love such a place fiercely, and fiercely defend it!

  6. This cup is spilling over with beauty upon beauty. Sure, hearts break, but from such fullness? Bring it on! Sung eagle fierce, Sherry.

  7. I feel the love you have, Sherry!!

  8. I can always feel your fierce love Sherry. Wonderful imagery, as always.


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