Sunday, May 23, 2021

Reasons Why My Heart is Broken


Fairy Creek - tree protectors, arms raised

In the power salute, singing "Earth my blood,

Fire my spirit", breaking into

Calls of support as arrestees are led away.

So few old growth left. Will we save any?

Wild salmon disappearing from the West Coast,

A calamity, caused by fish farms and pollution.

Whales and bears and wolves starving,

Looking at us with eyes that say

"You are the problem."

Horrible suffering of animals,

Wild and domestic, at the hands of humans.

Governments not working for the people,

Allowing corporations to destroy the earth.

Humans with crazed ideologies, behaving badly.

Wars. Conflicts. One sends a rocket,

The other bombs whole buildings.

Everyone suffers. Nobody wins.

Especially the children.

The transformation of consciousness 

I hoped for is happening; but 

are we transforming the wrong way?

Stay tuned. Hope is a sturdy boat

On a rocking sea. But living without it

Is unfathomable to me.

Working on my tablet, not as good as my computer. The idea for the title and this poem came from Wild Writing.


  1. You have many reasons for your heart to be broken, Sherry.

  2. My wife works for Canadian Wildlife Services...there are a lot of heartbreaking loopholes.

    Still...there is hope.


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