Friday, May 7, 2021

Changing the World


from The Enchanted Portal on facebook

The world needs human beings with hearts,
not people in love with power, in love with money,
for whom a peaceful sunny day in spring
will never be enough, people whose wives
and husbands and children rarely smile,
their sad eyes looking out from unhealthy bodies.

The world needs healing, not more drive,
not more development, more "Progress",
which is devastating hillsides and oceans,
wild ones and whales, gobbling the planet
faster than it can replenish itself.

The world needs we humans to do the replenishing,
to call a halt to the destruction, to get our minds
and hearts right, to feel our obligations,
to clean up the mess.

We've had a rough year. Let's be real.
On our tv screens, we are watching
a scene from the Middle Ages,
suffering beyond comprehension,
on our watch: desperation, despair,
people collapsing and dying in the streets,
being cremated en masse. Can it get any worse?
Here's the bad news; it can.

We need to change everything, we, who have
changed the way the world works for the worse.
We need to find a way to change it back.

What if I were to tell you that we humans caused
all that is going wrong on this planet?
What if I were to tell you we are the only ones
who can heal the wounds?

Inspired by Laurie Wagner's statement "The world needs human beings", which set me off on a flight of hopefulness. Because losing hope is not an option.


  1. The world's humans unfortunately are in a jam. There are lots of concerns everywhere and solutions are not forthcoming. Time will tell hopefully for the better!


  2. unfortunately, what the world needs is fewer people... ~

  3. Yes, we need more human beings with hearts, people who care about others and who are willing to take a stand.


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