Friday, January 15, 2021



If ever you would
speak with any tree,
come walking in the forest
here with me.
I'll show you the wild mushroom
and the root,
but where the ancients gather,
set no boot.

If you would speak
with nature spirits wild,
you must maintain the heartbeat
of a child,
learn riversong and
mountain chasm deep.
You must commune with angels
in your sleep.

As you step lightly on
the pungent moss,
and feel the leaves
the winter wind doth toss,
let your spirit fly away
among the trees.
It will return
upon the morrow's

I go into the forest
dark and deep,
every night after
I fall asleep,
become a woodland
guardian, reborn
I do not want to leave
when it is morn.

Last night my spirit
fought as a black wolf,
against four brown wolves
on the forest floor,
This told me
that a battle lies before,
my spirit having
its door.

Come with me.
I will show you secret groves,
moss-hung and ancient
in this stand of pine.
Deep in the bracken,
where the hoarfrost glows,
the Old Ones are singing Home
this heart of mine.

One from 2012, shared with earthweal's open link


  1. Great use of repetition and direct address, Sherry, that drew me in to the forest with you with my ‘heartbeat of a child’. I’m sniffing the pungent moss and feeling the leaves as I read!

  2. Oh, Sherry, this is spellbinding! I especially love the second stanza. It's so true, when we lose that inner child we lose our connection to nature.

  3. I love the dream like and magical flow - a wonderful place to share

  4. This is very meditative, Sherry. The forest is such an inspiring and spiritual place!

  5. You have described in living word images the forests of Oregon! Beautiful poetry.

  6. What a lovely peaceful ending! I'd like to have one like that.

  7. Omg Sherry, I think this is my new favorite of yours. I felt transported into your dream. Truly this is lovely.

  8. This is lovely. I felt transported to another, more mythic, world reading it. Suzanne of Mapping Uncertainty.

  9. The pungent moss is very stiff at the moment. I love woodland walks. I like the display of your blog too.

  10. A wonderful journey you've shared with us. I like how you've structured it like and ancient ballad.

  11. You took me into the woods and taught me riversong with this poem,thank you.

    (I left a message yeaterday but the internet gremlins must have eaten it...)

  12. You do such a fine job of immersing the reader in this wild wood - er - bracken -- the further we go with you into it, the thicker our wolf-pelt sprouts. Amen! - Brendan


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