Wednesday, September 16, 2020



Big picture:
wildfires, climate crisis, floods,
melting ice, tornadoes, hurricanes,
extinctions, covid pandemic, social injustice,
and leaders in whom it is impossible
to place one's trust.
Big picture breeds: sadness, pain,
outrage, and the understanding
that we either change or die.

Small picture:
the beauty of the natural world,
all around me; my heart lifting
at everything my eyes fall upon -
forest, hills, beach and sandy shore:
life in my soul's home,
such a blessing.
I have my modest shelter,
I have food, I have peace.
I have gratitude for the many gifts
given and received.
Especially the gift of being alive
- alive! -
this day, on Planet Earth.

Trying to write a poem that doesn't have the word apocalypse in it, for a change. Smiles.


  1. Some days it is hard to find positive things or blessings; but we have to keep looking and appreciating what we DO find.


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