Saturday, November 23, 2019

Waterfall Tears

"After the Rain" by Cyril Rolando

Mother Earth is watching
as loggers shave all the trees
off her cheeks.

Her tears fall down her slopes
as waterfalls. Soon
mud will pick up speed, and bury
whatever lies below.

There is a woman on the bridge
between yesterday and tomorrow.
What does she see?
Crying koalas and starving polar bears,
flames and floods,
and hungry whales -

and Mother Earth watching,
waterfall tears running down
her denuded slopes.

for Carrie at The Sunday Muse


  1. The imagery in this paints the picture so clearly. It is a sad truth and story, but beautifully written. I love this powerful poem Sherry! So glad you joined us today!

  2. To have seen all that...the woman on the bridge must be echoing those tears!

  3. Mother nature certainly weeps in these times. I think the woman on the bridge see much and it grieves her so.

  4. I think that sooner or later we will see the wraith of this mother... (maybe it's what we are already seeing)

  5. Yes, but billionaires are prospering. Whee. As the man sang, makes me wanna holler.

  6. Such a sad poem about our times. I wonder when the weeping will cease.

  7. Love your heart vision here Sherry. It is sadly too quickly coming to pass.

  8. This is a stunningly rendered extended metaphor … impactful and profound … The image of the woman on the bridge between yesterday and tomorrow is so effective … haunting … For me, she symbolically presents, as an Emissary sent by Mother Earth to see to the good of the planet (as indeed, we all are in our way). She comes across as a tragic figure, and yet, I still found myself lamenting 'DO SOMETHING'. As if any of us … acting unilaterally … can put in motion the reversals required to save our earth. It is so very discouraging.

  9. The trees being shaved off--I am so heartsick--but the bees returned to my wild ivy blooms in October and I sat under the ivy and felt their buzz around me--and I find some comfort in that--every year I think I should pull all that ivy out and every October I am glad that I haven't

  10. mud slides and mother nature - its a combination which is fierce. Humans truly fool themselves thinking we can conquer her. We might harm her, but she will triumph in the end. We need her far more than she needs us.

  11. The first stanza hit me like a truck. Such an accurate description of the violence, the devastation, the loss... So accurate that one can't help but wonder why so many still don't see it (or, worse, don't care).

  12. "her tears fall down her slopes" - beautiful imagery in this poem, Sherry!

  13. A plea for the environment, for the planet, no less. Thank you

  14. A heart wrenching piece that should be printed in the sky!


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