Sunday, November 10, 2019

Sharing the Love

Photography by Sarolta Ban
Her website: here

When music sounds in the forest,
the trees perk their ears,
relax their shoulders,
assume an attitude of
Deep Listening.
Small creatures creep out
from their hidey-holes,
bright-eyed and shining.

I was singing as I climbed the hill,
singing as I went down 
the other side.
They followed me
with their gentle hooves,
I moving quickly
so they wouldn't overtake me,
dirt crumbling ahead of me 
down the slope.
Still singing.

Of course creatures love music.
"Let the beauty we love
be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways
to kneel and kiss the ground"*
the wise sage said.

So now, when I remember to,
I sing along the forest trails,
trying to be a good creature,
along with all the others.
Sharing the love.

* quote by Rumi

Being a good creature is inspired by the book I am reading now titled How to Be a Good Creature, by  Sy Montgomery,  about the animals in her life. It is  a complete delight to read.

for Carrie at The Sunday Muse


  1. Hi Sherry, creatures do enjoy music. I once sat outside beating my drum and I had a choir of birds in the tree nearby singing. It is a moment I will always remember.

  2. Every living creature responds to music, it seems. Your words are always magic, Sherry!

  3. I think we all love music... and we are creatures too.. so why would be different?

  4. The images in this are full of grace.

  5. I think music touches all souls. I love that you sing along nature's path Sherry! This poem, memory, and it's message are amazingly beautiful!

  6. Oh music, is the universal gift, the bright spirit of unity. I love this.

  7. Sharing the Love is a beautiful poem, animals do appreciate the sound of music. My pup loved when I sang a particular gospel song, she would just sit and watch me.

  8. Singing up the hill and down, when the way is both difficult and easy, finding the joy in what surrounds and sharing with those who can hear.


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