Monday, March 18, 2019


Small bird,
you flew down
to the lower limbs
of this old tree,
to encourage
my stumbling walk
through this forest
of darkness.

From branch to branch
you hop,
warbling encouragement
as I pass through this world,
so beautiful,
so full of pain and guns, 
greed and madness,
a garden turned graveyard,
filled with the wailing songs
of a million mothers.

I will follow you,
small bird,
the whole day long.
You are symbol of
all that I cherish;
your bright feathers
light my way.
Your song sings hope
to my tired heart.

I am glad, small bird,
that, from above,
you see only the beauty,
feel only the love.

for The  Sunday   Muse,  a bit late. Just heard of the shooting in the Netherlands. No end to the madness. All automatic weapons should be banned everywhere. When will enough be enough? Sharing also with the Tuesday Platform at Real Toads.


  1. Hello Sherry Blue Sky, and nice o meet you.
    Your beautiful poem plus those lovely birds(the feathered and not feathered varieties) add hope to this degrading, wicked world where so few are spoiling a beautiful life for so many.
    Beautifully written and very moving . . . :)

  2. Thank you, Eddie. I enjoyed your poem too, very much.

  3. I love the innocence and hope that runs through this with this beautiful bird Sherry. This world has so much greed, hate, and destruction, so it is nice to have that beauty of nature to guide us when it can. If only we could all truly follow it's call. This whole poem is poignant, and a tribute to the wisdom of God's small creatures that we as humans could learn so much from. Thank you so much for participating at the muse Sherry. It is a delight to have you join in!

  4. I hope that little bird doesn't have to see the rest, but I believe she sings despite what she sees. So happy she is with you.

  5. I couldn't agree more, my dear friend Sherry.

    1. Sigh, how much more can our hearts take, Kay? Not a lot.

  6. Wailing songs of a million mothers is a song that should fill the heavens and the earth. I agree, if we could all just feel the love. Lovely poem, Sherry.

    1. I look at the beauty - and cant believe the carnage.

  7. Our dear Sherry, we love your poem.
    We poets are birds in words.
    This world has become 'a garden turned graveyard', yes...So sad.
    Birds from above sing Hope.
    Let's be hopeful too!
    Light shall overcome Darkness.
    God bless you.
    (Steve&Trini) ����

  8. I love "we poets are birds in words." There is a poem in that. Thank you Steve&Trini. And thanks for the hope. I believe the light will overcome, too. Hopefully soon.

  9. This sojourn with the small bird of your words/verse is so comforting and heartening. There is so much pain in this world and it's beautiful if and when we can find love and beauty amid all this chaos and destruction. Wonderful words, Sherry!

  10. I also wish I had the innocent eyes, and maybe I wouldn't see the horrors that happens

  11. That small bird is a symbol of a huge love, Sherry. I love the way it warbles encouragement and its feathers light the way.

  12. I take comfort in its song and hope that somehow humankind will learn to do better.

  13. I am glad that for a while at least, for the shortest of whiles, our small birds can be shelter from the horrors... while we make the world a bit better, or help the growing birds to rebuild the destruction we'll leave behind.

    It's a terrible comfort, but we must have something.

  14. Kim, Rommy, Magaly, we need these small birds of hope. Maybe more than ever before.

  15. I saw a magpie-robin today for the first time in my park... and yes.. that tiny thing brightened up my much!

  16. I have loved the poems written to this picture, but yours is especially touching to me.

  17. Poems like this offer that most precious of tiny bird songs, hope. But how immense and powerful those slight, scant notes.

  18. Yes, perhaps that, "small bird" is what we are all searching for? Sometimes life is hard, and sometimes it is harder. I loved this poem.

  19. I love this poem so much, Sherry!❤️ Sometimes I wish I were that small bird.

  20. Beautiful, Sherry. Those small birds are no match at all against the gun. Your poem makes them all the more precious to me. Our doves are back for the summer, we have two nests in the font yard, one in a pruned crepe myrtle remnant and the other the annual one under a corner eave mating place.
    No puppies here, I am sorry. We won't have anymore but our youngest granddaughter's Beta Fish lives with us.

  21. I am glad, small bird,
    that, from above,
    you see only the beauty,
    feel only the love

    Very revealing of the course of those happy in life that are not bothered by minor distractions but go on resolving them unwittingly. Wonderful write Sherry!


  22. Touching poem, Sherry! I loved the small bird spreading a bit of hope. If only the big humans would understand and make the necessary changes! Beautiful poem, Sherry!


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