Thursday, March 14, 2019

Dreaming in Green

What do trees see,
when they dream?
Do they dream in green?

Is a violin weeping,
when the violinist makes his bow sing
those long,  keening  notes,
as if his instrument might collapse with grief
at any moment?

For sure, mother wolf grieves
when her baby dies,
and mother dog feels the loss
when her puppies are taken away.

Does the Planetary Clock
know it is one minute to midnight,
even though we foolish humans
prefer to believe time will go on forever,
and disaster will strike for others,
not for us?

Where do prayers go
and, if they are heard,
how will we ever find out
the answers?

What is the sound of
one hand clapping?
the koan master asks.
The befuddled monk
will ponder this
all day.

for Fireblossom Friday, my favourite prompt at Real Toads. We are to ask an unusual question. I thought of a few, if not unusual, questions I ponder from time to time. As for the last one, I am more befuddled than the monk.


  1. So many powerful questions I wish I knew the answer for...Beautiful

  2. pondering these questions should keep us all occupied for quite a while ��

  3. Oh good question... the sound of the one handed that!

  4. You've definitely got the personification going on. Fireblossom Friday would be woefully incomplete without something from you, Sherry. :-) Thanks so much for being part of it.

  5. I am going to miss Fireblossom Friday.

  6. I can remember a man clapping with just one hand in a concert once which he struck his right hand against his thigh, his left hand holding the program no doubt while he scanned the details of a the pretty girl who had just sung! As I had recently married I didn't have a roving eye so can't affirm his choice!

  7. i'm afraid the prayers go into the void, Sherry. but what do I know? I'm just another dumb human...

  8. What a strange breed of animal that we are that cannot see disaster ahead thinking we are in control. I am old so I will probably escape the unthinkable end however I feel ashamed for my grandchildren plight unless of course they can solve it.

  9. Excellent questions, Sherry. Time ticks by, our prayers may be answered in strange ways.

  10. I know that when I sit in my tree and play the violin for them, the music is always happy and soothing. Sometimes I can tell when they are sleeping as well.

  11. Love all the questions in this Sherry. Beautiful, thought provoking, and wonderfully written!

  12. "For sure, mother wolf grieves
    when her baby dies,
    and mother dog feels the loss
    when her puppies are taken away
    " --
    Those are the saddest words, but true, that I've heard in a long time.
    I had to google the koan master, I'd never heard of that. But then I don't know much about Buddha. Perhaps that's why my buddy who claims to be a Buddhist always seems to have a stupid question to ask. I thought they were rhetorical.


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