Sunday, March 31, 2019

Going Rogue

They say Andromeda has moved
farther away from the Milky Way.
Perhaps they heard there is a planet
going rogue down here,
and put safe distance between us.

Scientists have realized the humans here
seem unable to understand
the simple science of climate change,
of finding cleaner, greener ways
to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
They are working on Plan B:
how to block the sun from space
to reduce the temperature on earth.
Talk about doing things the hard way.
We are ever slow to learn.

When we look outward to the power of ten,
we are one tiny speck
in an infinity of universes.
When we go inward to the scope of ten,
we find amazing mini-universes within.

To connect the dots and save our world,
we must make our leaders understand
every atom is connected
to every other.
And every human and wild creature
is our sister, mother,  father, brother.

for Physics With Bjorn at Real Toads.

I can't get over it. Harvard scientists are working on an experiment  to limit how much sunlight reaches earth to curb global warming. Imagine the expense, when what is needed is clear, and in our power to do : reduce  carbon emissions significantly, replace dependency on oil with clean energy - abundantly available from natural sources, and a source of jobs for millions as we make the switch - and plant millions of trees that absorb carbon, rather than chopping them down. [Shocking news: it takes trees 25 years old and older to absorb carbon. It takes 269 small trees to absorb the carbon of one mature tree. And the mature trees are going down faster than we can keep track, even here in the Biosphere where I live, one of the last old growth forests remaining, in an area that was supposed to be protected.]

The frustration is that such things must be legislated. Leaders would rather be re-elected and rich, than do what is right for the planet. Huge corporations need to pay carbon taxes, as well as be financially responsible for cleaning up the devastation they cause the planet. As individuals, our power lies in voicing our demands for this to happen, and by VOTING for those who have a climate change platform.

Twelve years till it is too late to significantly impact climate change is not very long. The floods in the midwest,  forest fires,  extreme weather events, tell us we are already in crisis. Extremely frustrating, the avoidance dance our supposed "leaders" do.

The reference to the power of ten is from a film I saw years ago that took the viewer outward from ground zero  ten times into space, and then from the skin to ten times inward....universes large and small in both directions. An amazement, how everything is connected, and how few people understand this. Thankfully, more of us are waking up. Especially the young, who are my hope and my heroes.


  1. ah, Sherry, the greedheads have the riches to keep on their path. my conspiratorial bend has me wonder if those harvard scientists are using that shield story, as a smokescreen to develop rockets to take the wealthy off the planet...

    1. Oh my goodness, I never thought of that. Yikes. Badwordsbadwordsbadwords!

  2. Going rogue... Can't blame them. Powerful poem which packs a punch!

  3. It all seems so overwhelming...

  4. That is so wonderfully crafted...I just adore the idea that the universe is trying to solve our climate change problem.. one way is to get us new leaders who will listen... super write, Sherry.

  5. Wonderful writing, Sherry!
    This stanza is perfect: "When we look outward to the power of ten,/we are one tiny speck/in an infinity of universes.
    When we go inward to the scope of ten,/we find amazing mini-universes within."

  6. Sounds like a plan... and easy enough to do... just start a nuclear war... it takes with it a big part of humanity and cools off the earth.

    I prefer a simpler plan... but in the meantime I try to do my part. Bicycle to work, eating vegetarian as much as I can. Take the train to my vacation.

    There are only two choices, die or change.


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