Thursday, November 1, 2018

I Count My Wealth in Trees

Photographer unknown
No copyright infringement intended

I count my wealth in old growth trees,
trails meandering along the forest floor,
in cloud-draped slopes and rounded hills
and in shorebirds that swoop and soar,
in watching sunsets paint the sky,
in peaceful walks along the shore,
and, when I walk in my door,
in rooms where my spirit finds succor,
when my cup is full
and can hold not one drop

For Susan's prompt at Midweek Motif: Money. Of which I have none, but likely am happier than the millionaires in their mansions at the beach. Smiles.


  1. The millionaires in their beach-side mansions are definitely penurious in comparison to the writer of this overwhelmingly profound poem!

  2. Now this is the wealth which is perhaps becoming of the inner peace and happiness. Beautiful! :-)

  3. The world is rich and provides for us but it is not meant to be plundered for profit; expecting an alternative to appear once everything has gone.

  4. wealth isn't counted by bills and coins, - although far too many believe and live by this .... but perhaps one day, they will come to learn the true value of currency.

    this is a lovely poem, it sings and soars and offers the comfort that always can and will offer to fill a world-weary spirit - and it costs nothing, other than time and stepping into the natural world - how beautiful is this?

  5. Great title.We are losing our koalas because of land clearing. Terrible situation.We are a poverty stricken place according to your currency.It goes on and on.

  6. I adore trees and your poem~ I feel like you, the true treasures in life are being taken away from us~ Your poem has this magical view and makes me want to go out into my backyard and hug all my trees!!

    Oh, no not the Koalas...they are a favorite of mine!

  7. This is just beautifully done, Sherry. It was good for my soul.


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