Thursday, November 22, 2018


Kelowna willows

I wonder if you ever
think of me.
Through all the years,
I saw your beauty plain,
from time to time

We had a love
that could not
fate withstand,
could not hold fast,
untrusting  roots in
      shifting sand.

And yet
you are the one,

of all the rest,
through all the years

who stood, of time,
the test,
the one I truly loved,
with whom I
         was blessed.

So I thank you in 
the only way I know:
I continued loving you
      after I let you go.

for Karin's  prompt at Real Toads: to write a poem of loving gratitude. So many directions to go with this: the earth, trees, the sea, my wolf-dog. I chose a dark blackbird heart from 1980's Kelowna.


  1. What a beautiful close especially, Sherry—really just a loving sweet poem. Thanks! K.

  2. Curiously I still correspond with old school crushes from well over sixty years ago. Clearly we have that "what if" itch that we don't want to let go!

  3. Nice tribute to an old friend, Sherry. I wish I were so fortunate, mine are either expired or have dropped out of sight. I was reminiscing with about one who let me stay in her apartment while she visited her parents over Thanksgiving. I was then living in a rented room which sort were my homes for three years. Not one friend from that time is still available to contact.

  4. Wow! This gave me goosebumps... this is from the heart and speaks to mine. A beautiful declaration.

  5. This is so lovely... what a wonderful love that stays like that... the best (and the saddest) kind.


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