Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Time Traveling

In 1980, to the first notes
of the Pachelbel Canon,
I was stopped, still,
crossing the coffeehouse floor,
by a waking vision -
row upon row of women,
in babushkas and blankets,
swaying in the frozen darkness
of a Gulag morning,
and i knew i had been there.

Tonight a white wolf kissed me,
her joy at seeing me so immense,
it is not just she and I,
right now,

I believe Pup came back as her,
to live with the loud, unconscious people
next door to my old trailer,
knowing i come from time to time
to our old neighbourhood,
the only possible way
s/he could find me again.

They say she won't let people touch her.
But she has known me from the first.
Now, when i visit,
she throws herself at my feet, paws in the air,
climbs on my lap
to kiss me,
smiles her toothy smile.
I say,
"I know. I've missed you too,"
and "i'll be back."
It's what i always said.

I cry each time i leave her.

I now am traveling faster than time,
speeding towards
whatever comes next.
The hours pass slowly, but
the weeks race from Friday to Friday.
Soon, so soon,
the journey ends.

We are all time travelers,
living many lives barely remembered.
Sometimes, we recognize a certain human face,
that we have known before,
sometimes a  white wolf's
sweet smile.

For Susie's prompt at Real Toads: doppelgangers and time travelers


  1. I love this kind f time travel! I especially love:
    'Tonight a white wolf kissed me,
    her joy at seeing me so immense
    the only possible way
    s/he could find me again'
    'Sometimes, we recognize a certain human face,
    that we have known before,
    sometimes a white wolf's
    sweet smile'.

  2. What a delightful circle of life you describe Sherry, and one I look forward to, especially those dogs in my life too for I had so much fun with them.

  3. Dear Sherry, again you have brought me to tears. My heart is heavy, oh, where is Pup. It is wonderful to think he has returned in the form of the White Wolf.

  4. I love this! the white dog that waits for your return. I think Pup is there, waiting for you, always waiting. No matter where you go, he will find you.

  5. Oh, this makes me cry, smile, and trust those beautiful spirits we've met along the way always remain with us and one day we will travel with them to comfort the living we've left behind. Thank you so much for writing for the prompt!

  6. Sooo sad, Sherry, but happy as well. I know this partly real, I would hope you guys could get together to stay until the "next" end. BTW, I believe dogs go to Heaven, and think that Romans Ch 8, verses 18-28 in the Bible support me as their being a part of the whole creation. I hope to be with my Adi again there.

  7. "They say she won't let people touch her." Often identifying an especially loving and lovable pet!

  8. I love the time travel and the tale you feels like it should be a movie!

  9. Good souls will always go paws up for you, Sherry.

  10. Scary, this 'traveling faster than time,
    speeding towards
    whatever comes next." But also, filled with hope, somehow. I've never thought of the process of aging as time-travel, but it's true. I've always wanted to travel in time--it turns out I've been doing it all along!

  11. we are all time-travelers. the level of cognizance is different for each form of 'life'. i believe we are all spiritual mirrors of our experiences

  12. You never cease to amaze me, Sherry. So beautiful.

  13. I think that we have all those times inside us.. it could be pets or humans, but somehow i imagine the end being a big crowd of creature coming together...

  14. this is another soulful journey - a poem that touches on the meetings, real and fleeting (ghostly visions, impressions, when we intuitively know we are/have been) - and your poem speaks from the heart, the spirit ~ it's truly intimate and really quite moving.

  15. We are all time travellers.. that is so true.

  16. When I grow up, I want to be as wise as you.


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