Wednesday, December 6, 2017

In the Land of Delusion, the Narcissist is King

The narcissus turn brown
and fall off their stalks
when he enters the room,
for he takes up all the air.
His pronouncements waft forth
with no reasoning, affecting nations.
He doesn't bother his head
with the fallout.

He would scrape the faces 
off monuments,
replacing them with his own.
There is no soul in his eyes,
only Self,
and delusion.

How much longer must 
a country bear
a demented emperor?

Where is the child
- or legislator,
or Congressman -
who will say:
He has no clothes?
no substance?
no heart?

Ha. Didnt have to look far for a narcissist, sadly. For Susan's prompt at Midweek Motif: Narcissus / Narcissism. Gah!


  1. I had no problem figuring out who this is. Just cut on the TV and...


    If they did stand up, it would just be "Fake News"

    I seriously dont understand.

  2. Oh, what a poem! Unfortunately, nothing has worked so far. Brilliant application of the narcissus in the vase.

  3. Love the nod to the Emperor here, a classic tale.

  4. The emperor is naked - and proud of it. What a jerk. Excellent write Sherry! :-)

  5. Love the reference to the Emperor here. It's a wonder how vanity can rule and manipulate a person into following her ways.

  6. I'll say it loud because those cowards won't. In phone calls, texts and in protests - I'll say it every chance I get.

  7. For all its power and influence of the US, the rest of the world looks on in horror at the foolishness in their electing a leader that is so vain and self centered. Already after not yet one year it seems time to change. Let's hope the planet can survive another three years.

  8. Eeeek...the Emporer without clothes!

  9. Unlike the emperor of story, I hope never to see him that way! Love this, Sherry!

  10. Preach. As Yoda said, at an end his rule is... and not short enough it was.

    Your poem was powerful and revealing.

  11. Who will rid the world of the Trump orc?

  12. Unfortunately he will continue and destroy. Your choice for this narcissus is excellent Sherry.

  13. Brilliant take!:D
    Oh yea...he has a loose grip on reality. Sigh!

  14. How much longer must
    a country bear
    a demented emperor?

    It will sneak in to come with a bang. He'll take a wrong step to open himself up unwittingly.


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