Thursday, December 28, 2017

Flying Free

Wolf and Raven Ponder 
On What Lies Ahead
by the artist Marion Syme
of Tofino, B.C.

I made the desperate leap for More
when my soul was sorely bored,
working a job that was a chore,
just to carry bags of groceries
through the door.

I leaped over mountains to the sea,
and knew ten years of ecstasy,
this wild bird so thrilled
at finally
flying free.

Then the universe set me down
in a grey and dismal little town
where I was "happy enough"
with my folks and all my Stuff,
but never forgot
that Something More
that I had lived
so joyously

So, bent and broken,
and hobbling on one knee,
that careful life
I had once more
-and one last time-
to flee.
And now my heart swells with joy
at every cloud-besotted hill,
my eyes gratefully drink their fill,
and this wild bird,
 - limp-feathered, battered wing, -
is flying still.

for Marian's prompt at Real Toads: Aspire, to create a poem inspired by    song, that asks the question "Don't you want something more?" I have lived that song - both sides of it - twice now.


  1. As Ihave, several times. I didn't get the aspire part of the song though. Oh well. Being half dead doesn't help when listening to youtube stuff. But I do aspire to more and to have hope. I think you do too!

    1. Oh, I forgot that dream, to which I aspired for twenty years, was to live by the sea in Tofino.....when I leaped over the mountains, I was leaping for my dream.......I knew if I didnt go then I never would, and I knew I couldnt live without a dream.........

  2. This is beautiful!❤️ Nature has its own way of rekindling our spirit and igniting hope into our hearts.

  3. I love and understand how much the return to Tofino means to you... lovely.

  4. You made a good choice, Sherry. And nice reading here. Me, I'm stuck but I do 'run away' on my birthdays. Most times though, for even that I am accompanied. But it's not all bad, I do get to go to those places.

  5. Yes, Sherry, sometimes it takes boredom to give us that push for more but oh, what release when it does!
    Happy New Year!

  6. and this wild bird,
    - limp-feathered, battered wing, -
    is flying still

    There is that good feeling still sustaining! Happy New Year Sherry!


  7. Oh when the dream never dies and you can leap the mountain to live it is a beautiful gift. Smiling

  8. Flying still. Thank goodness. Thank you and xoxox Sherry!

  9. Oh that is a beautiful life story. I'm glad you got out there and glad that you still fly despite the bruises


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