Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas in the Gardens

Darwin's Cafe in Tofino's Botanical Gardens 
is all lit up for Christmas.
With a December pass, the cost of one event, 
one can attend an evening's entertainment 
every night in December, 
and also wander the gardens to enjoy the lights.

Tonight the Tofino-Ucluelet Choir gave us two hours 
of rousing songs - some Christmas songs,
with interesting arrangements, but many others as well, 
and some solo performances by talented
members of the group. 
One of the best Christmas concerts I have ever been to.

This is Darwin's Cafe, where the magic happens.

This wooden heron, in the pond,
caught my eye.

A  bike in a tree.

Another view of the pond.

This lit up tunnel was fun to walk through.

This is a viewpoint looking over the inlet.
A good spot for watching the 
spring and fall bird migrations.

A wonderful event.
I am so glad I went,
tempting as it was to stay home
in my jammies.
I must get to more of these events.
I am always blissed out
when I do.
There is so much talent in this community.

Tomorrow, I am bussing down-Island
to my daughter's in Victoria
for a few days.

Happy holidays, friends!

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  1. Oh, what beautiful photos, Sherry! I am really glad you had such a wonderful time!


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