Saturday, September 23, 2017

Sailing On

The sun goes up,
the sun goes down,
and this ship of fools keeps
sailing, sailing on,
as if there will always be
a tomorrow.
While Rocket Man and Loco Man
toss insults and puff their chests,
we wake surprised
to find ourselves
still alive
with every dawn.

The earth quakes,
the earth shakes,
while water
covers the ground
with death.
The wildfires burn on,
as do the fossil fuels
that feed their every breath.

We are a blue and green
sailing through a
universe of sky.
From out there,
we look so peaceful
but, to a trained and closer eye,
we are sailing towards disaster,
too half-asleep
to even question

for Kim's prompt at Real Toads: Boats.


  1. I think realism is not necessarily gloomy. We are not singing such a different song really.

  2. Yes, there seems to be more than one ship of fools, Sherry. Rocket Man and Loco Man - world leaders never used to behave like that. Some of us were unsure about Reagan and Bush, but politicians these days take the biscuit. I like the lines:
    'We are a blue and green
    sailing through a
    universe of sky'
    and I think you're right, most of us seem to be
    'too half-asleep
    to even question

  3. I must be more hopeful than this.. but it's hard. Our blue pebble is a tiny ship on a vast sea. And if we sink there is nowhere to escape

  4. So very true Sherry! A powerful write! I wish humanity would take to this to heart. :-(

  5. Very good poem. Your last words got to me. "too half-asleep to even question why." (what has happened to us)

  6. ... or waking up too late, alas. I feel your every line.

  7. Excellent work, Sherry. A wake up call for us all.

  8. Bravo! Tell it. Post it all over. Read it in cafes.

  9. Absolutely, Sherry. We're on the same sorry wavelength -- I guess, who isn't these rattled days? How tragic that little blue dot, sailing into such dire waters.

  10. and yet, we sail on. Nice write.

  11. I think society is so brainwashed and desensitised by Hollywood movies that loco and psycho don't seem to really pose a threat. It's just like another movie .


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